Medical Secretary – Jobs in Medical or Health Care Industry

There are many lucrative jobs in medical industry for people other than doctors. These jobs provide a good source of regular income as well as job satisfaction. Here are information about two of these job fields which offer rewarding career for medical job aspirants:

Medical Secretary This is really an interesting and promising career option. Of course the pay scale is lower than doctors but otherwise it is a respectful job that yields a great job satisfaction. This will require you to manage medical information of patients in orderly and efficient manner. You will be responsible to update the records with any test results reports. You will need to check patients reports and records as they reach to clinic to see the doctor and arrange them in order of their requirement so that doctor does not have to waste time in finding these things. You will also be responsible to ensure that correct reports and data is passed to the consultants and records must be maintained appropriately as the mistakes may cost dear to patients and doctor both.

The job of Medical Secretary require you to have a qualification from Association of Medical Secretaries, or some reputed college or institution. Generally experienced persons are preferred in this field hence you might want to start a career from medical receptionist and then move up to Medical Secretary.

Medical Receptionist Job of a Medical Receptionist is similar to that of a Medical Assistant and is very important for the doctors. A Medical Receptionist saves a doctors time and efforts and enhance his/her medical practice output. The person has to establish a good rapport with patients and other consultants and visitors to minimize the stress on doctors schedule and routine. Am efficient Medical Receptionist adds clients to the doctors list of patients and contribute to the success of this whole enterprise.

Medical receptionists play an important role in overall medical office or hospital management. S/he is the first person whom patient interact with either on phone or personally while visiting the clinic / hospital. So, Medical Receptionist is the person who leaves first impression about the hospital or doctor on patients mind. Medical Receptionist, thus, is the person who ensures whether the patient should stay with your clinic / hospital or not.

Medical Receptionist has to handle telephone inquiries, calls and fix appointment. Sometimes, during the rush hours, role of Medical Receptionist becomes very important when s/he has to cope with impatient patients and incoming calls both. Thus a qualified medical receptionist adds value to your reputation and time both. Some times a medical receptionist may need to answer queries of calling or visiting patients and should be aware of the facts and figures, events and dates so that communicate correct information. There are many college and institutes that provide you training for Medical Receptionist.

The aspiring Medical Receptionist should have pleasant and professional voice, a multi-task abler who can handle multiple calls at a time, should be able to remember and record exact figures. s/he should computer literate and equipped with all abilities of a personal assistant.

Your Gateway Of Perfect Business Accounting Solution

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A Perfect Accounting Consultant for a Perfect Business

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A Reliable Tax Consultant the ladder of business success

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Why Pay per Click advertising is important for your business

Pay per Click Advertising, or its short form, PPC, is a good way to promote your business or website on the internet, since it will help you to get targeted traffic to your site, and, therefore, increase your sales.

The leading PPC platform, with approximately 75% market share, is Google AdWords. It works in two different sections, the search network and the display network. The first one permits you to announce on Googles result pages. The Ads will be displayed either on the right hand column or at the top of the search results. The main advantage of making your online marketing using the AdWords platform is that you will actually attract for you web site potential clients that are searching for exactly what you offer. This is what makes the PPC advertising different from other types of online marketing. The advertisements are showed in order to fulfill a demand. That is why the results are great and come fast.

The display network, on the other hand, allows you to promote your site or product on hosts’ websites. In this case, the Ads can be published in text, banner or video format. This is also a good way to build your brand on the internet and become famous among the users. In order to get the best of the PPC benefits, you can target your advertisement demographic and geographically. This method will ensure that you are going to promote your services among people who are more likely to become consumers and also to make people know new products or services that they would not search for.

The PPC advertising help you to make your website be displayed on the top of the search engine result pages faster than a SEO service would do. The traffic on your website will increase immediately, but to take the maximum profit of a PPC campaign, it is important to offer users services and products that they are able to buy online or at least enquire about.

This is the best option for ecommerce sites, but maybe a not so palpable choice for the service industries. However, even if the campaign to not represent a immediate profit for the service industry, the increase on the number of access can be turned into real clients if you encourage user to enquire online. Maybe you will have to offer some advantage to the user first to make the deal later.

Safe Investment Options In India Treasury Bills (tb)

What exactly are Treasury Bills?

Treasury bills are promissory notes issued by the central government for a fixed period extending upto one year as a tool for raising short term funds from the equity trading market. They are usually issued for a discount for a maturity period of 91/182/364 days. TBs are an ideal form of short term investment for banks and financial institutions as they are eligible as securities for SLR (Statutory Liquidity Ratio) purpose. They can be purchased by any person resident in India including individuals, firms, companies, corporate bodies, banks and financial institutions.

These Bills usually do not carry any interest rate and are issued by the government at discounted value. This means that a ‘500 bill may be issued at a discount to investors for a price of ‘410. After the maturity date is over, the government will pay ‘500 to the holder of the bill. The difference between the par value at which the bills are redeemed and the face value at which the T-Bill was procured is the net gain to the investor.

Role in the Money Market:

1) A fiscal role as an instrument for raising funds for governments short term needs.

2) A monetary role as an instrument with RBI to influence liquidity in the equity trading market.

These T-Bills are issued by RBI at regular intervals and issued at a discount to face value. They very effectively serve as effective short-term borrowing instruments for the Government. Even investors benefit from the same as they can park their surplus funds in these instruments and considerably reduce their market risk.


1) One can purchase these shares for a minimum face value of ‘1 lac and there is no fixed ceiling on the maximum amount of treasury bills that can be purchased from the money market. The rate of interest is determined by market, based on demand for and supply of funds in the money market. Moreover these treasury bills are highly liquid instruments giving offering attractive yields to investors

2) Treasury Bills as an asset class have been approved for SLR (Statutory Liquidity Ratio) purposes and DFHI (Discount and Finance House of India) is the stock market leader in such instruments. The bills are the only security in which the repurchase option (Repo) or ready forward transaction are permitted. This is the most important instrument for hedging against volatility in call loan market.

So after analyzing these points, you can yourself see that TBs are all time favorite for those who want to play big in stock market. Since the minimum investment amount is ‘ 1 Lac therefore, it becomes a niche investment option too. But even big players sometimes loose in stock market, therefore its the perfect investment option for them too.

Whole Life Insurance As An Investment Tool – Gaining Financial Independence

Whole life insurance is considered life insurance first and foremost, and is commonly purchased to provide peace of mind. That is, if something happens to you, you know your loved ones will still be financially secure. In fact, Whole Life Insurance is the only financial product that guarantees that what you want to have happen will happen, as long as you do as specified in the contract.

But beyond their obvious benefits as a life insurance policy, whole life products are also excellent investment tools that can lead policyholders to a life of financial independence. When structured correctly, whole life insurance policies allow you to enjoy your money now and still leave a financial legacy for your heirs.

A Safe Investment
When you use whole life products as an investment vehicle, you can rest assured that your investments are safe. Life insurance companies have a proven track record of investment strength and security. They have historically outperformed banks and other financial institutions for several reasons.

For one, whole life insurance polices are not chasing short-term performance to satisfy impatient investors. The professional money managers working for life insurance companies are not seeking a quick return on money, but rather a long-term strategy for financial stability. Whole life insurance fund managers invest in secure bonds. Additional stability is provided by diversifying bonds by industry, maturity & geography. This keeps costs and risks very low.

Additionally, most states guarantee whole life policies through state Life and Health Guaranty Associations. Guaranty associations operate much like the FDIC does for banks. Guarantee limits vary by state, but most states regulate insurance companies and provide guarantees to policyholders through these guaranty associations. Life insurance companies in these states support one another and if one fails, the others will be assessed the money to pay the claims of the insured persons who held policies with the defunct provider. You will need to check with your state insurance commissioner to see if your state has a guaranty association and what the guaranty limits are.

Using Whole Life as an Investment Tool
Whole Life insurance policies lend themselves to several investment uses, most commonly as a safe reserve for cash values earned by the policy. Cash values accumulate over time through premium and dividend contributions. The growth of these cash accumulations within whole life policies are tax-free.

This cycle begins with your premium payments, which initially fund your policy. The insurance company will, in turn, invest a portion of your premiums in very safe financial instruments such as bonds (as previously described). Financial gains from these investments may be distributed back to your account as dividend earnings when performance exceeds expectations. Dividends are not guaranteed and may not always be paid. However, solid insurance companies have paid dividends every year for the past 100 years, including during the Great Depression.

Through your premium payments and dividend earnings, the cash value within your policy will begin to grow, and that’s where the greatest investment benefits begin. Both a whole life policy and a dividend paying whole life policy allow you to utilize what’s known as the Infinite Banking System. But a dividend-paying policy offers greater tax advantages, allowing for greater cash growth.

Being Your Own Bank with the Infinite Banking System
The Infinite Banking System is a financial philosophy of being your own bank, and dividend-paying whole life policies are especially suited for this concept. Infinite Banking means taking control of your financial dealings, not just handing them over to some financial advisor or institution. To begin to understand the investment potential of Infinite Banking, you must first understand banking.

In the traditional banking system, you ask the bank to both save your money and lend you money. When you borrow money, you do so at a higher interest rate than your saved money earns. The difference between these two values is profit for the bank. By charging higher interest than it gives, the bank earns money.

What the Infinite Banking System does is make you the bank. You will save with your bank through premium payments and dividend earnings. When you borrow from your bank, you will pay the loan back to yourself with interest, thereby increasing your cash values. You’ll be paying yourself…becoming the bank.

So you are financing and making money off yourself, instead of paying that money and interest to a bank or other financial institution. Some insurance companies even allow you to continue to earn interest and dividends on your entire cash value amount, as if you had never borrowed money.

When used correctly, the more loans an Infinite Banking policy finances, the more money it makes for its policyholder. This is because loans from your life insurance policy are similar to home equity lines of credit. Interest is only paid on the amount of the remaining loan, so every time a payment is made, overall debt is reduced, thereby reducing the amount of interest paid over time. And because you are paying on an ever decreasing amount of money, you also end up reducing the total number of payments needed, which means even more saved money. If you make all payments as scheduled, including your interest amount, the policy cash fund will continue to grow.

You will have to start with smaller loans, perhaps a necessary home repair. If you are disciplined about paying back your loan and interest, you will soon have enough money for a larger loan, perhaps a car, and eventually even a home. You can see that overtime, the Infinite Banking Concept provides a way to break the cycle of making money for the banks and other lenders. Instead you’ll be making money for you. There are no loan fees, transaction fees or late payment fees assessed to these self-financed loans.

Tax-Free Benefits
Investment gains lose their thrill if you have to pay exorbitant fees and taxes on them. Whole life insurance offers many tax benefits to policy holders. Earned dividends are not subject to tax, and cash values within your policy increase tax-free. Distributions also can be received free of tax through policy loans. The death benefit proceeds pass to your beneficiaries income tax free, and if structured properly, life insurance proceeds can be received free of estate taxes.

You’re Best Investment Option
It’s hard for other investment tools to beat the benefits of whole life insurance. Whole life provides investment security, tax-free earnings, and if used as an Infinite Banking policy, it can lead to greater investment growth and eventually, financial independence.

Justification Report On Changing The Dormitory Management System

Our dormitory; AU Condominium is the only dormitory for students who lived far away from the university. That’s why the amount of the students who live in is quite large. Our customers are both male and female. Therefore, there are some problems occurred. In the past, the students lived together both male and female. But now, we want to change the management system. We will separate male students and female students to live in the different building and setting the key card system.

The reason why we need to change the management system is while male students and female students lived together, there are many problems occurred. First, there are some complaints that it is not correct because it conflicts with the ethics and morality. Nowadays, the bad news about the young parents killed their baby because they do not have the responsibility to take care of their child occurred so many times. Second, we want to create the new image for our condominium. Third, if we separate the students by their gender, we can manage our condominium easier. Moreover, we can eliminate the complaints about the noise from the boyfriend-girlfriend arguing disturbed other students who live in the next door. It is true for our AU Condominium.

Such the solution, we can achieve the goal and objective that we want to increase the customer’s reliability. If we re-manage our condominium, parents will be satisfied and won’t be worried about their student’s safety. Furthermore, we want to follow the government’s new law which they want every dormitories to separate the male and female students.


Our apartment provides the room for ABAC students, who don’t want to stay in university’s dorm. It is more convenient to live in our apartment. Our apartment has 2 buildings that we did not separate male and female. We have a plan to separate 2 buildings, one for male and another one for female. We also have customers outside who are not ABAC students.

As we have more and more customers and they are not only ABAC students, it’s difficult to control the problems. We cannot know who bring their boyfriend or girlfriend to stay in their room.

We are now facing a critical situation as the order of apartment is out of control. Some customers claim that their belongings are stolen or disturbed by their neighbors

Possible Solutions

Since we have many problems that occurred because of we allow male students and female students can share the same building. So, we have 2 solutions to solve things out which are separating buildings that available for male and female only. Another
solution is providing a key card for the renter.

Separated the building into male’s building and female’s building can control the problem that students want to live together as a couple. This solution can avoid these
situation because we will separate the renters if they are men then we will send them to building A and if they are women, they have to live in building B. This solution can reduce the problem that students may stay together before they are married according to the government policy as well.

Use key card to come inside the building at the main entrance is another solution. It can protect the outside people come into the building without permission from the room’s owner. It can reduce the fighting and thief problems because the people that can come inside the building have to use their key card to access the building first and for those who don’t have keycard have to contact at the front office first to do the request to come inside the building.

Security system

Abac Condo increase security system to have a key card. We will set up the key card in front of the building. Renter who wants to enter the building must use key card. The outside person should exchange the card before enter the building. This security helps to protect the strangers come in to the building that have a problem.

Reduce the problem

Separated the building into male’s building and female’s building can control the problem that students want to live together as a couple. It can reduce the problem that students may stay together before they are married according to the government policy as well.


However, it has some disadvantage from separate male and female. That’s someone will resent for changing the rule and we will lost renter. Moreover, it will difficult for move them out and separate building for male and female. We must use some period to set the system and change the room for renter. Furthermore, we will increase some expenditure for key card such as utility cost, maintenance cost.

Operating Cost

The break down of the operating cost is as follows:

Equipment cost250,000 Baht
Key card350,000 Baht
Security guard150,000 Baht
Security system200,000 Baht
Total operating cost950,000 Baht

Necessary Action

The process of moving out the renter to their building which males go to A building and females go to B building would be held by the administration officers. Another operation is set up the key card system; our technicians would be responsible for this job. Moreover, they also learn how to use the system properly.

It is estimated that the whole process will take not more than 30 days.

Required action
I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this system. I believe that such changing the dormitory management system would greatly benefit our dormitory operation as well as our customers. If we obtain your approval, the process could be initiated within one week.

Understanding Drug Addiction and Denial Management

One of the most difficult things about drug addiction is that it is a disease that fools the sufferer into believing they don’t have a disease. This denial starts early in the process of drug addiction or alcoholism and continues indefinitely and to varying degrees of intensity. As a result, denial management must be made a critical component of any drug rehab center and it must play a significant role throughout the life of the person’s recovery. However, denial management doesn’t come automatically – it is a learned process that must be facilitated by a professional who is experienced with drug addiction and alcoholism. Ideally, denial management is best learned at a true residential inpatient program where these experts are most likely to be found.

Denial management is such a vital part of recovery because an addict’s life has almost always become twisted and convoluted with lies, deception and betrayal by the time they make it to a safe harbor such as an inpatient substance abuse treatment program or an intensive outpatient program. When therapy begins, most people find that denial became a part of their life as soon as they started using drugs or alcohol. At first there was denial about the harm in taking the drugs at all. Then there came denial about how much and how often drugs were being used. And from there things simply snowballed, with lies being told to other people nearly as often as the addict lied to themselves.

Just reaching out for help is a monstrous step toward uncovering denial, but even when a person has admitted their addictions and behaviors and sought treatment, there is always a great deal more denial occurring. Drug treatment seeks to uncover issues hidden through denial and deception, but addicts are often in denial about their own abilities to get clean and stay clean. Therefore, denial management must work to uncover the suppressed talents, aspirations, skills and dreams as much as it uncovers lies and fraud.

Denial management as part of a Florida drug rehab or other program addresses these issues with various therapies, the primary of which is Individual Therapy. This type of therapy is one-on-one time with an experienced addiction specialist. Patients are encouraged to explore their own demons and uncover the stressors and triggers that cause them to use drugs or alcohol in an effort to seek relief. This type of therapy is mostly guided self-help that seeks to help the person see things in new, more positive ways.

Denial management continues with group therapy that creates an environment where people can support one another in their goals to be better people – not just people who are free from drugs or alcohol. By sharing in a group setting, confidence is fostered and the resulting bravery often leads to honesty of the purest kind.

Family therapy is one of the most useful tools in denial management. Because addiction causes people to think in a distorted way, it is often only with the help of the people who are close to the addict that they can see how things really are.

Denial management is a lifetime process that must constantly evolve as the person’s recovery evolves. Tools for denial management and a lifetime of successful recovery can be obtained at a residential inpatient program, a partial hospitalization program, or an intensive outpatient program. In order to find out which is right for your circumstances, all you have to do is call.

Sales Jokes Can Improve Performance

In their preliminary assessment of the company’s staff and general work environment the research group identified a lack of humour in the work place as being a likely factor behind the poor sales record of the sales team. They proposed a radical idea and that was that management encourage the telling of a few good sales jokes during the course of the following month to determine whether a happier work environment resulted and whether this in turn led to greater productivity and most importantly sales targets being reached.

Each member of the sales team as well as those in administration and management were provided with a selected number of sales jokes and other funny anecdotes. Each person was asked to tell at least one joke each week. They were to record how they felt when they told the sales jokes or stories and also the reaction they received form the other staff listening to them.

At the end of one month the productivity levels across all sections of the company had improved. The sales team had achieved the highest sales figures in more than 18 months and this was during a relatively tough economic cycle. By telling one of two sales jokes during the course of the working day the sales team had become much happier, each person in the sales team felt that they were more confident and had developed a much stronger bond with the other members in the team. The team worked much more cooperatively and helped one another out in achieving sales targets.

In the administration area of the company staff were also happier and keen to come to work. They felt that their jobs were less monotonous and were keen to ensure that their work was checked thoroughly and any invoices went out on time. This impacted on the cash flow of the company because with invoices going out sooner, payments were received quicker and there was no requirement to rely on overdraft facilities to fund purchase and other operational costs.

At a management level there was a much better relationship cultivated between managers and staff. Whereas before managers had felt isolated and disliked by staff simply by adding a touch of humour through some good sales jokes, management and staff related much better.

The mood therefore not only improved in the sales area but by the simple telling of a few funny sales jokes those staff in administration and management were also uplifted and became much more enthusiastic and friendly and as a result the company turned its operations around and produced a large profit at the end of the financial year.

If you are looking to improve your sales figures and profitability then consider your work environment and do not be afraid to encourage humour in the office. You will reap rewards in more ways than one!

Zero Loss Strategy In Forex Trading

This post will irritate many and possibly most forex traders and I say good. Actually I do not give a damn if any of you learn this article.And it is secondary to me that most forex merchants are silly or at best, sick-informed. It is secondary to me that I profiteer drastically every single day and without fail and most idiot merchants lose it all.

The reality is that the majority FX merchants are sheep who blindly drift alongside a confused path of marketing hype and most foreign exchange trainers are only huge-noting “expert status” all the time utilizing greed only pursuading the plenty one thing under masks of “guru”.I’m simply totally different as a result of I reliably and predictably make a not special $30,000 clear free cash flow profit most trading days and I have never any interest in selling you anything. There’s not a factor you should buy from my website.With the appearance of computer-primarily based Platforms Buying and selling, the palms-on however felony 4x dealer out of the middle-man market manipulations that dealing-desk trading was previously corrupted with – us retail traders have extra of an trustworthy capability to revenue from the markets. The Platforms Buying and selling mechanism is extra fair.

Although there’s nonetheless brokerage homes that scam trades through platforms trading – mostly it is just stupid buying and selling that generates losses.Anyway, with all that mentioned, let’s now get my most annoying reality on the market to be considered so you’ll be able to all vomit, and rant and rave that I in fact am a complete lunatic. Right here it is now said;”Stop Loss concepts do NOT Stop Losses – they CONFIRM LOSSES”.I state it is totally unsuitable to shut foreign exchange trades that are exhibiting a loss when with ninety five percent that commerce might be exited from with profits at some later time.Getting in your face about this – any 4x buying and selling place that dropping floor now will invariably be in or worst case break even at some future time because of modifications in market herd mentality, information occasion, Fibo retracement or whatever – almost at all times a damaging worth action immediately is unbelievable tomorrow.And due to what I am arguing here about worth motion is very true, exiting a bad 4x commerce ever is nonsense!One of the best action to take with respect to shedding forex trade is to hedge that commerce by the use of an opposite. That hedged commerce instantly neutralises any and all additional injury to your bottomline and it offers you time to replicate on what you motion next.

Frequently when and if costs continue to go against the primary order – I then hedge again and it’s common that I will multiple-hedge a nasty trade five or ten occasions!Eg, assume I open a lot and it goes dangerous which I immediately hedge – and I normally hedge it on the price most fool merchants would have exited it with a cease loss concept. As the worth motion is now going loopy in favor of my hedge, every strong probability I get I’ll open additional hedges. Before I know it my bottomline equity is effectively in front of where I was with only the one trade, and certainly I am manner into income ahead of the sheep who would have used a Stop Loss setting.It was humorous watching the NFA as it tried to inflict its willpower on the retail forex dealer banning its member brokers from facilitating hedge trading. And what a fool the NFA made itself out to be – given that all professional and smart money simply took their business exterior of the USA. The effect the NFA had significantly broken the United States as a monetary heart; further confirming London as the house of most currency action.

Even those fx brokers with United States operations shortly migrated these client accounts who demanded hedge capabilities off-shore – end of story. Smart money demands hedge capacity. Idiots with stupid cash don’t hedge uses Stop Loss concept.This article is directed on the heart of one of the idiotic issues ever about trading. It is probably not rocket science individuals – nevertheless it seems sense just isn’t so common.

Optimism for Canadian Commercial Real Estate Investment Market

It might sound like the equivalent of a gold rush when any industry sector can show a 93% increase in one year but that’s exactly what happened with the Toronto commercial real estate market from 2009 to 2010. The increase for Canada averaged 48% overall with a total investment volume of 18.9 billion dollars, indicating healthy investor confidence and a strong economy. This article discusses the most up-to-date statistics in the commercial property investment market.

According to the 2010 National Investment Report issued by CB Richard Ellis Limited (CBRE) the commercial property investment volume has climbed back to pre-2005 recession levels and totaled 18.9 billion dollars. Commercial property is proving to be an attractive investment which stimulates the rest of the economy. Office, industrial, and retail property in Canada have all attracted investor interest, with many companies deciding to upgrade to better properties before prices rise any further.

This is fortunate for Canada in a time when most countries are still sinking in a worldwide depression. There is a banking crisis caused by the credit default swap swindle evidenced by the problems of European Union economies such as Greece, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal. Bailing banks out of their black hole of debt and sticking it on the taxpayer has been allowing banks to exert undue control over those countries’ infrastructures, resources, economies and governments.

Whether you use the term recession or depression for the state of an economy depends largely on where you’re sitting. The lower classes have less money so inflation means the same amount of money buys less, so the economic pain is far greater than those who still have something left over and are not as devastated by things like unemployment and high interest rates.

Every region in Canada showed a 2010 growth except for London Ontario. Other cities like Halifax could have showed bigger volumes if there was more investment product available, a factor that limits any real growth figures. The economy in such a region could be healthier than investment sales would indicate. In any case, these provide relatively strong yields compared to other investment types so Canadian commercial real estate is attracting foreign investors as well as domestic ones.

In Vancouver there were 1,263 transactions totaling $2.9 billion dollars compared to Toronto, where 1,156 transactions represented $7.4 billion, so each of the commercial properties trades in Toronto were of higher value in terms of dollar amounts. Montreal also showed significantly greater sized amounts per transaction. The volume of $2.9 billion was a one-year increase of 52% yet the transaction increase was just 32%, showing the effect of large institutional deals like the Place Innovation and McGill College properties.

Companies with both property management and asset management skills should thrive in the 2011 year if this trend continues. Such firms suffer or smile in relation to the state of the economy; investors are turning to Canada as a refuge from the collapsing economies of other countries. At a time when currency systems are under attack caution must be used. It remains to be seen which countries, if any, become insulated from the turmoil that is being fomented elsewhere to usher in a one world government and one world currency system. This is the goal of those who control world leaders, but to give control of the money supply to a private clique will lead to disaster since absolute power corrupts absolutely. A post-industrial feudal system will be the end result if such a thing were to occur.