A Fortune To Be Made With Smart Domain Name Marketing

Making money by selling expired domains is gaining popularity because of its potential to make a good profit. Many expired domain traders take this business very seriously and they use a number of methods and strategies to sell their domains at very lucrative prices. Also known as virtual estate properties, expired domains and domains expiring are some of the hottest business opportunities in the world.

Experienced domain traders use one or a combination of different methods to make money from their stock of expired domain names. These may include such methods as domain parking, domain name selling, or domain flipping. A well-planned combination of these methods will provide you with a very high income potential. Here are some details about each one of these methods:

Domain Parking: This is commonly known as the beginner’s method for earning money from domain names. It is easy to set up a domain parking account and simple to operate it, as the domain-parking firm will take care of the details. What you want to do is to sign up for an account on one of the well-known domain-parking firms and use the web page provided by them to host your name. Most of your web site visitors are un-targeted and they will click on one of the ads provided on your web page. The method used here is the famous pay-per-click system and the income earned by you depends on the number of visitors who click on the online ads to visit other web sites. The only downside of this income generating method is its inability to provide a large stream of income. However, for a new entrepreneur, this is a safe and assured method to make some amount of money.

Expired domain name selling: This is perhaps the most famous method for making money with expired domain names. People make millions by selling their special domain names while the average capacity to earn money by selling an average expired domain is about $25. There are records of unique domain names sold for millions of dollars. Expired domain name reselling is highly competitive and you would normally buy the domains from an auction house. Some experienced domain name traders buy domain names and sell them on a regular basis to create a constant stream of income.

Domain flipping: Expired domain names traders also convert one or two of their domains into highly useful and beneficial web sites that will be potential money-spinners. Domain flipping is a smart method of converting an expired domain into a content rich web portal. Smart domain traders succeed in driving lot of traffic to their flipped web sites. Web sites with plenty of traffic can help them to reach top of major search engines like Google and Yahoo. People are eager to buy web portals that contain useful content and are already optimized with incoming links and traffic. You can also use sophisticated techniques like Pay-per-click (PPC) Affiliate marketing search engine optimization (SEO) and RSS feeds to make your web portal more valuable in terms of income and built-in revenue streams.

Anger Management Strategies

By giving helpful directions that come from successful anger management strategies, this article helps you control your anger. I am sure that if someone lets us down to us we all get mad and want to lash out at the people responsible for it. This is not the answer and this article uncovers tips on how to respond to these situations.

I used to be very easily affronted and could not believe that some people were treating me contemptuously in the way they were. I felt like I wanted to teach them all a lesson that would teach them to convert their evil ways. And at the time, the only anger management strategies I could think of were to react by threatening them or being violent toward them. These ways were not the proper to handle it, but that is all the anger management I knew.

For example, there was a time where I had felt robbed of a large amount of money. When I realized that I was not going to have my money recompensed, after doing all I knew to do, I became more and more angry and began to plan my revenge. To make the situation even worse I became angrier when I found out that the company was very rich but still there was nothing I could do.

Today the event means nothing much to me, but to calm down I needed to use a combination of anger management strategies. But I still need to make sure that the episode is finished in my mind and that no anger from it can inflame my body. I have made up my mind to let nature do its work, all I am doing is letting go of the care of the situation. And you too have to learn to do this same thing.

If your wife annoys you, there are effective anger management strategies where you walk away and compose yourself. Another of the more advantageous strategies is to count to ten. Make sure that you put this one into practice, it is a powerful strategy.

Being angry, like how I was, was bad for my health and it caused me to be depressed and to lose sleep.

Another of the advantageous anger management strategies is to look at people as if they were apples in a bucket. When you count ten apples, three are going to be rotten. And rather than be angry at the rotten apples, I learned to let myself feel sorry for them. I treat people the same way.

When I do this, I feel like I can live life more effortlessly this way I only wish I had this as one of my anger management strategies years ago.

As for you though, if you want to be expressing your anger properly in less than 48 hours, go to http://www.the-anger-management-store.com, I have more free videos there that tell you more about it.

Security Training and Licensing for the Leisure Industry

Here in the UK all training courses related to private security be it individually or for a company, must be regulated by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and approved by the BIIAB.

SIA main duty is the compulsory licensing of individuals working in specific sectors of the private security industry. On the other hand BIIAB is the wholly-owned awarding body of BII, the professional body for the licensed retail industry.

According to the Private Security Industry Act 2001, section 3, schedule 2. Anyone looking to work as a private security guard, door supervisor or as a bouncer must have a valid SIA licence.

Other activities defined as licensable by the Act are: Cash and Valuables in Transit, Close Protection, Public Space Surveillance (CCTV), Key Holding and Vehicle Immobilisation (Wheel Clamping).

How to apply for a SIA licence?

Before applying for SIA licence to work within security industry, individuals must undergo a structured training course that results in a recognised qualification.

Once the training course is completed individuals are submitted to a test. This test is then sent to the entity responsible for marking, in this case BIIAB. BIIAB will return examination results on the same day which means that individuals will receive their test results in about 2 working days.

Having approved the test individuals can then apply for their SIA licence by filling out the SIA Licence applications. Once the application is received and an examination pass has been confirmed it will take between 7-10 days for the SIA licence to be issued.

Licence in hand you are then qualified to work within the security industry.

One of the most common questions that we hear from our students is: Does my SIA Licence for Door supervisor allows me to work as a private security guard as well?

The answer to this question is yes. The door supervisor licence is valid for both door supervision and security guarding.

Before enrolling on any training course keep this in mind:

1 – Check the training provider backgrounds. You don’t want to end up with a fake licence in your hands. 2 – Ask for their accreditations (SIA, BIIAB, Edexcel, etc…) 3 – Look for ex-students testimonials and feedback. The easies way to do this is by Googling the company’s name.

By following these 3 simple steps this will assure that you are enrolled onto a qualified training programme to work within the UK’s security industry.

In this article I described the “ins and outs” to work as a qualified employee in the security industry here in the UK. I would like to hear what is needed to work as a door supervisor or as a security guard in your country. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

How Mercedes-benz Have Increased Their Sales In A Recession

I just found this excellent article about the Sales Strategy of Mercedes-Benz during the recession. They have gained market share during the toughest economic period in recent history without reducing their prices.
The article was originally posted at: http://www.bnet.com and I have copied it below for your convenience. My view is that its completely unnecessary to reduce your price in a downturn. The best sales strategy to use in a recession is to keep your price the same while your competitors discount themselves into oblivion. You could always add on extra features at lower or nil cost, but I wouldnt be reducing your main price.

The reason is that your existing customers will feel ripped off, your new customers wont Its not news that the automobile industry is in trouble. GM and Chrysler have gone through bankruptcy. J.D. Power and Associates expect sales of cars in the U.S. to drop to 10 million in 2009, down from 16 million in 2007. Luxury vehicles have been hit especially hard.

However, Mercedes-Benz USA has a couple of success stories. Its new compact sport utility vehicle, the $33,900 GLK, launched in January and already leads its category. It has sold more than twice the number of vehicles this year as its closest competitor, the Acura RDX. Mercedes is also pleased with the sales of its most affordable sedan, the C-Class (starting at $33,600), which has gained 5 points of market share, albeit in a shrinking market.

Both successes have a lot to do with Mercedes fierce defense of its brand, according to Steve Cannon, vice president of marketing for Mercedes-Benz USA. In short, Mercedes is not succumbing to the temptation to cut prices. You have to stay true to who you are no matter what, Cannon says. So many of our competitors are doing distressed advertising, saying sale, sale, sale. You cant move down-market in times like these.

If you do, you undermine the value of your brand, says David Melanon, CEO of New York-based brand consultancy The Ito Partnership. Melanon points to Macys as a company that, once considered among the toniest of department stores, has downgraded its image through endless discounting. Why would I ever pay full price for anything at Macys ever again? Melanon asks.

The other thing you cant do is stop advertising. In a recession, every CFO wants to slash the advertising budget, says Bob Austin, an auto industry brand consultant and senior partner of the Auto Futures Group in Ridgewood, N.J. Counterintuitively, Austin believes the worst time to stop advertising is in a downturn. Studies have shown that consumers can keep only up to four choices in their minds when they are contemplating a purchase. Even if youre confident that customers know precisely who your company is as a brand, now is the time to keep reminding them of its defining characteristics, with plenty of details, Austin says. The guy who can stay visible the longest wins, he says.
Mercedes has wholeheartedly embraced advertising the details. When the company introduced the C-Class, it opened up the brand to a whole new group of buyers. But rather than lead with the lower price in messages to new consumers, the company emphasizes all the ways in which the C-Class is still a Mercedes, a product of 100 years of German engineering. The same is true of the GLK and, Cannon says, of other models Mercedes will introduce later this year. People buy emotionally, but they justify intellectually, Cannon says. In this market, the justification hurdle is a little bit higher.

By hammering home product attributes that make a Mercedes a Mercedes, the automaker is helping consumers think their way through to a purchase. And in the process, Cannon says, Mercedes continues to build its brand rather than chip away at it. When the market turns, we will have [these new consumers] in the brand, and they will grow with us, Cannon predicts.