Your Environmental Leadership in the Upstream Petroleum Industry

Identify your real needs for secondary containment leadership and how to support them with the right choices for your field tank operations. Choices and decisions need to be made for secondary spill containment, tank secondary containment, spill containment berms, and secondary containment systems for above ground storage tanks that are all representative of secondary containment for environmental protection. Gaining the tools and right information in order to form leadership decisions in your field can be a weighty responsibility and one that demands your attention and with the abundance of misinformation out there it may also be tedious. Leadership in your Field Operations however requires that the question be answered: “what is in this for me” as a leader?

We understand your scope-of-your-work, responsibilities, as leaders that you must give to environmental protection today, it is significantly important and often also urgent. Gaining the tools and right information in order to form leadership decisions in your field can be a weighty responsibility and one that demands your attention and with the abundance of misinformation out there it may also be tedious. We believe that you will find the support network in this article that you need to form quality leadership decisions toward environmental Secondary Containment for your field operations. You will find this approach is different in that we believe that making a difference is often more important than simply making a sale.

First lets identify your real needs for secondary containment leadership and then support them with the right product choices.

1. “Protecting Your Investment; Preserving Our Environment”. You need what may sound simplistic but really isn’t and is stated in our Manufacturing Division use for their trademark: “Protecting Your Investment; Preserving Our Environment” – a simple slogan but saying much more.

2. Confidence, Security, Assurance. Your secondary containment installation should leave you confident at the end of the day that it will provide the level of protection required. You need to know that potential spilling from the primary tank will remain secure within the bounds of the containment. And you need the assurance that you as a leader have made the wise choice best suited for your operations. In many ways assurance is most important of these three as it really defines that question we have about any product: “what’s in it for me?”.

3. Environmental Regulatory Compliance. You need to be confident that your secondary containment installation meets all of the county, state or provincial, and Federal Codes. EPA, SPCC, NFPA, OSHA, OH&S, ERCB, SEM and more. Does your secondary containment supplier have these codes considered in their product engineering? Confidence, security, & assurance in your product supplier and the product goes a long ways in answering real needs.

4. To ‘Audit-Proof’ your site. Today with so many large EPA fines and shut-downs in the news almost weekly it is critically important that you ‘audit-proof’ your site. While most of the “news” related fines are in reaction to an actual spill occurrence rather than a regional inspection, it is wise to give leadership to secondary containment in SPCC plans in a proactive way rather than to follow through after a spill occurrence. Poor leadership tends to react rather than act. This is true leadership when we can foresee potential problems and place actions in place beforehand. One of your real needs is to ‘audit-proof’ your site in a proactive way.

5. To Show Community Responsibility. More and more Producers are recognizing this need in a participatory way by actively including themselves in the local community. For many of us leaders, we must live in the same community that we work. To answer some of the community’s concerns about our operations and the environment some producers today join league with other producers in the region to give ‘town hall’ type presentations to address community questions. Our community needs to know that we as Producers are showing community responsibility. Secondary Containment does have a role to play in Showing Community Responsibility. To many local residents the sight of a Steel Containment Berm surrounding the tank speaks “confidence” and “security” more than the former days when tanks were bermed only with dirt. It gives assurance to the community that your operations are environmentally responsible in the community. (You may have noticed here the law of leadership… Only when the leaders has confidence, security, and assurance himself can he give confidence, security, and assurance to others…)

6. Ease of Construction. The ease of construction of your secondary containment system becomes important on two levels. First, in the matter of overall project cost. Second, in consideration of your local roustabout crew doing the assembly. A rule-of-thumb with any product and project is “to keep it simple”. A typical secondary containment berm should be assembled in less than a day following proper pad preparation. Aside from the visible sense of accomplishment at day’s end though is that the ease of construction reflects highly upon your leadership among even the working crews. Leaders make wise choices before construction commences. Another real need then is ease of construction.

7. To Demonstrate Financial Responsibility. As an operations leader you need to demonstrate that you have been “financially responsible” in your decisions for the Owners and Shareholders of your Production Facility. Knowing that you have gotten a ‘best price’ on the product and the ease of construction goes a long way in showing leadership in this arena. We have discovered that at many locations where indigenous soils are not available to berm tanks and must be hauled and constructed, the cost of dirt berms is often greater than that of assembled steel. Care must be taken however with choice of steel product. Some agricultural manufacturer steel products supplied for upstream petroleum secondary containment may appear lower in initial cost only to suffer in installation costs and time creating a higher project cost. There is a real need for operations leaders to demonstrate financial responsibility. We help you meet these needs.

Bristar Containment is a leader in Secondary Containment Manufacturing based in Denver CO and Wimborne AB that has addressed these real needs with products and services that give Leadership to this sector of the industry Secondary Containment. Bristar’s leadership in 15 years of serving Upstream Petroleum Operators & Producers needs has tailored solutions directly for the field and for leaders in the field. Bristar Containment Industries Ltd is the only Steel Berm Manufacturer specifically native to the Upstream Petroleum Industry. Why does this make a difference?

“The difference is in the engineering”. Bristar Steel looks different. (See: The resource box below for details.) Bristar’s design approach to secondary containment has not been adapted from agricultural backgrounds but is rooted in Professional Civil Engineering that meets specific “oilfield” parameters and codes & requirements. Being birthed out of a background of Oilfield Production Tank Fabrication and Production Measurement in 1995 Bristar employed veteran Petroleum Engineering Services to engineer a secondary containment system specific to Upstream Petroleum use. Being strict in their parameters to meet various codes, Government regulatory requirements and their own critical goals gives Bristar the confidence, security, and assurance that manufactured Secondary Containment products meet your real needs.

Automotive Shop Management Software – For Auto Shops High Productivity

Automotive shop management software is a tool created to practically automate most administrative tasks in the automotive repair workshop.

It helps you to quicken the business workflow so that you can be able to attend to more customers without spending more time and yet make more money.

Workshop activities and management have moved up to the point of using advanced technology whereby, work can be done much more easily and faster.

Traditionally, workshop management activities involve much paper work, record keeping, filing of documents of customers and parts information, but today things have changed, all of these activities can be computerized.

Your shop administrative work can indeed be monotonous and boring, but with effective automotive shop management software, they become easy and quite interesting.

Successful car repair shops that have used this automotive shop management software have improved in the following areas.

1. Tracking work in progress: They can easily and quickly track to the last detail the status of a job they are working on, and know whether they can meet up with the completion date and time.

2. Profitability: They can make a quick check at a glance through this software and know whether they are making profits or not, all the necessary information on this will be displayed by a designated color after the software have compared all the necessary parameters for profitability.

3. Scheduling of Appointments: They make all appointments with customers so easily, and even well ahead of time, as the software can display all the necessary information pertaining to each customer to show when their appointment is due and what nature of jobs they want done.

4. Auto parts sales: With the customers details collected at the first time, they can easily know by the histories of their appointments which parts and accessories they need, and with no new input of full details of customers, and no unnecessary waiting, they can sell the parts over the counter.

5. Car Parts and Accessories Management and Control: They are able to have full control over parts movement, inventory management, price matrix, which not only save a lot of wasted time, but also minimize unnecessary loses.

6. Marketing Control: They use the it to do necessary follow up on customers so that they will have value for the products they bought and services rendered to them, and also, they will find it difficult not to come back when the need arise.

With the information provided, they can send reminders on next scheduled appointments or even thank you cards.

Automotive shop management software will practically run all your workshop management activities underground, coordinating them into a simple one continuous successful process which will make your customers to be happy with you always.

Best Investment – How to Find the Best Investment

It’s easy. The best investment is the one whose profits you keep. If your profits vanish because you –

Hold until your profit turns into a loss.
Hold until a small loss turns into a big loss, and then a huge loss.
Hold so long your annual return turns small even when you do profit.

Then you’re not making the best investment. So what can you do? You need to know about Exit Strategy and Position Sizing.

Exit Strategy
Never make an investment without knowing when and how you’ll get out. That’s called an Exit Strategy.

You should have an Exit Strategy before you invest in anything.
You should be able to write it down. Nothing fuzzy allowed.
Know what will trigger your sell order.
Good Exit Strategies let you keep your profits and cut your losses. That’s your best investment.
Wall Street Wisdom – “Cut your losses, but let your winners ride.”
A few big wins and many small losses can equal a win overall.

Position Sizing
Never risk more than 3% of your portfolio in any one position. And that’s on the high side.
Why so small? Look at what it takes to recover from a loss:
Lose 50% of your portfolio, and you’ve got to make 100% on what’s left to recover your loss. Is 100% profit easy?
Lose 25% of your portfolio, and you’ve got to make 33.3% on what’s left to recover your loss. Is 33.3% profit easy?
Lose even 10% of your portfolio, and you’ve got to make 11.1% on what’s left to recover your loss.
Small losses leave you with enough capital to keep investing.

Control risk by controlling position size. The less you invest in any one thing, the less you risk. That’s your best investment.

Your Exit Strategy affects your Position Size.
If your Exit Strategy were to sell after a 25% loss, you could put up to $12,000 of a $100,000 portfolio into one investment, because –
$12,000 X 25% = $3,000 = 3% of $100,000
If your Exit Strategy were to sell after a 10% loss, you could put up to $30,000 of a $100,000 portfolio into one investment, because –
$30,000 X 10% = $3,000 = 3% of $100,000
You risk only what your Exit Strategy will let you lose, not your total investment.

Mechanical Investment
Emotion is the investor’s enemy. People hold too long because of greed and fear.
Greed for even bigger gains. Fear of realizing a loss.

The best investment is mechanical.
Follow your Exit Strategy like a machine. Automatically. No matter what your feelings scream.
Place exit orders with your broker in advance.
Acting when the time is right makes your best investment.

Exit Strategies Explored
So what do Exit Strategies look like? Stop Orders are the best known.
Tell your broker to sell if the price falls to some specific point.
Some people use 8% below the purchase price. Others use 10%, 15%, or 25%.
Stop orders don’t always do their job.
The price can fall way below your stop point before your order gets filled.
Market makers sometimes sell to force a stock price down.
They want to trigger other people’s stop orders, so they can buy their stock cheap.

Stop Orders can also be used to sell when the price rises to some specific point.
Decide in advance on a good return –
Two or three times the amount you put at risk.
If you use technical analysis (if not, don’t worry about it),
sell near strong resistance, or
when the stock looks over-bought, or
when the trend changes, etc.

Stop – Limit Orders limit the price you’ll accept after a stop order is triggered.
You might not get out at all, if the price falls below your limit.

Trailing Stop Orders automatically raise the stop price if a stock price rises.
If you bought a stock for $50, and used a 10% trailing stop –
You’d sell if the price fell to $45.
But if the price rose to $60, your stop price would rise to $54. ($60 – 10%)
The stop price never falls after it rises.
Trailing Stop Orders are good ways to hold on to profits, but
Trailing Stop Orders may push you out of stocks sooner than you want.

Put Options work like insurance policies.
Buying a put lets you sell your stock for a safe price of your choice.
The cost of a put reduces your profit, but –
You’re safe, no matter what happens to the stock. That’s your best investment.

Fiberglass Fan For Chemical Industry

CB Blower fans can be supplied to be gas tight and made of special materials to resist corrosion. Fans and turbo blowers are supplied to provide air for carbon black plants and for sulphuric acid plants.

Chemicals industry provides the widest range of challenges for rotating equipment. CB Blower Co. fans and blowers operate in conditions encompassing extreme pressure and temperature, and handle a wide range of gases containing aggressive and toxic components. Demanding specifications and strict safety requirements must be met and above all is the need for dependable operation over long periods.

CB Blower Co. fans meet the challenge of moving gases continually, reliably, efficiently and safely. They are built to API, or equivalent industry standards and their performance has been proven over many years of operation; and the blowers can meet unusual requirements that include dual drive systems with automatic drive engagement / disengagement and special materials of construction.

CB Blower Co. fans and pressure blowers are found in all major process plants. The range of applications is very wide but includes:

custom engineered centrifugal process fans for combustion air supply. These may be used directly for fired heaters for ethane or naphtha cracking plant and for processes with steam reforming such as methanol, or for boilers serving general utilities. Flue gas extraction and tail gas clean up are among the other applications for which we have supplied custom fans.
auxiliary boiler and other pre-engineered fans.
cooling fans for mechanical draught cooling towers, air-cooled heat exchangers and air-cooled condensers.
turbo blowers for sulphur recovery combustion and reaction air, sulphuric acid and carbon black plant
screw type pressure blower systems for process gas handling, notably for butadiene plants, gas turbine gas fuel compression and process refrigeration.
reciprocating turbo blowers for hydrogen processes – hydrocracking, visbreaking, catalytic reforming

The demands placed on equipment in the chemical industry are particularly high. Toxic, corrosive and unstable gases are frequently a part of chemical production processes. Maintaining the purity of gases being handled is a priority in the pharmaceutical and biological industries. CB Blower Co. supply a range of fan / blower types to the chemical industry, from fans for boiler and incineration plants that supply heat and process steam, to fans that are used on exhaust and emissions control systems to equipment that handles the materials being processed. In such a diverse industry the range of applications is very wide but there is often the need for special materials to prevent corrosion by gases such as wet hydrogen chloride and hydrogen sulphide. The blowers are adapted to meet these special needs.

For additional information please refer to

Oleg Chechel
Ventilation Equipment Designer
CB Blower Co.

Choosing Outsourced Accounting Services For Your Business

If you are considering outsourced accounting services, then youve likely arrived at the conclusion that, as a business owner, your time is much better spent growing your business, not fussing with the books. It takes many business owners a long time to come to this conclusion, which can be detrimental to their business. In an effort to conserve finances, owners often bury themselves in excess work that they arent qualified to do. Outsourcing work is a good way to solve this problem.

Why outsource?

When it comes to accounting, outsourced accounting services are the perfect compromise. Many small to medium sized businesses dont have the financial resources to hire a full-time accounting professional to balance their books monthly and file their taxes. In fact, depending on your business, your books may need to be balanced more often and you may also need financial reports and payroll production. Outsourced accounting services allow you to hand this work off to an expert who only works when you need them to, and therefore, you only pay when them when they do the work you assign. No salary.

What are the other benefits?

Your time is crucial to your business. It is up to you to network, find new investors, develop new products and worry about your businesss presence both online and in the real world. When do you really have time to go through receipts or worry about payroll deadlines? You cannot handle every aspect of your business, and while you may think that by doing it yourself you are saving money, the truth is that if you make a mistake, it can cost you money. Outsourced accounting services are the solution you need. Not only will you lose money if you mess up your businesss taxes, but what if you short change an employee? Or miss a payroll deadline? How can you handle the corporate side of your business if youre buried in the books all day?

Its not all about accounting

There are many tasks you can outsource for your business. You can also outsource things like CFO services. The financial side of your business is what fuels your business. You want solid strategic planning and a defined direction for your business. Getting things like outsourced accounting services is just one way to delegate and organize your business plan for success. Outsourcing other aspects is also possible, and most time favorable. Third parties can also assist with raising capital funds and even advise you about how to plan for your businesses future.

Some may see outsourcing as a short cut, but if you are in a position where you are your only employee and your business is not big enough to justify hiring accounting staff, outsourced accounting services only make sense. Dont short-change your business and its success by trying to juggle everything on your own. You want qualified and experienced professionals helping you grow your business. Dont saddle yourself or an unqualified employee with the important accounting needs of your business. Outsource to professionals today.

How Does a Photographer fit Into the Music industry Company

There are many jobs in the music industry that do not directly involve the music its self. Look at the CD cover and the liner photos. That was most likely not done by the engineer or the producer. Nine out of ten times it was a professional photographer that took those images and then retouched them to make them the best that they could be.

He is not truly a musician and yet the photographer is employer in the music business, as a music industry professional.

Lots of things in and around the music business revolve around a photo or a photographer. Think of all the events that go on in the music world. The live shows, the awards shows, public appearances, recording dates. What is one thing that you can almost positively plan on seeing at every place a music event is happening? A camera with a photographer attached to the other end of it.

So photographers actually play a huge part in the music industry company. Without them there to record the things going on no one would have any way of seeing the changes that are actually happening to the artists. Lets face it; its amazing how people change when they get money. A certain Disney Diva went from a rather flat chest and some pre-pubescent funky teeth to a cosmetically nice looking late teen / early twentys look almost overnight. Without the cameras we might never have known.

But seriously, places like the various freelance places on the Internet and ones that target the music industry specifically make it fairly easy for the photographers out there that want to become involved in this portion of the industry to actually hook up with the people that are willing to give them money to use those God given talents taking pictures that will serve the music world.

What you, as a photographer, need to do is do what you can to get a portfolio of work that might be relevant to a music industry company. Go out and shoot a few local bands at some shows to give a feel for your style. Offer to help the groups out with the CD projects and even the other promo material that they need. As long as they use your information associated with that work it could easily get other bands wanting to actually pay you to do that for them and you can build up a portfolio of things to show other industry people when you approach them looking for work.

Do Successful Innovations Help Overcome Competition

Innovation is the only way to stay ahead of the competition.
When exploited properly it will improve business survivability and lead
to increased profits. At a time when, to survive, companies strive to
take up the challenge of competitive and sustainable innovation, few
succeed because of generally accepted ideas that are deeply ingrained in
the thinking of the top executives. However, those who successfully
overcome conventional wisdom manage to transform innovation into a
competitive advantage and engage the entire organization in a
long-lasting and profitable dynamic.

Google has been one such organization that applies
innovation effectively. Google ensures that their philosophy of
Innovation stays robust, by giving their engineers time to discover and
explore their ideas. They have developed a very flat organizational
structure to cultivate innovation and aren’t afraid to take calculated
risks. In Google, all employees have easy access to face-time with
senior management to present their ideas. All the engineering staff at
Google is encouraged to spend 20% of their time working on projects they
feel strongly about. That philosophy has generated services such as
“Google News,” “Google Suggest,” “adSense for Content” (online ads
triggered by the content on the page) and “Orkut,” a powerful
social-networking site. Know more on innovation management software.

may not always connect to a technological breakthrough but is often a
combination of possibilities. Good ideas are everywhere, but it’s a long
road and a tremendous amount of effort in making an idea – the right
idea – a market success. Many Ideas that originate from employees
provide an unlimited source of competitive edge and value for companies
and are leveraged as incremental improvements and strategic innovations.
According to Peter F Drucker, “The enterprise that does not innovate
inevitably ages and declines. And in a period of rapid change such as
the present…the decline will be fast.” There are no quick fixes and no
easy answers for succeeding at innovation. Know more on managing

is clearly the most important factor in business success, according to
business and technology leaders. Fifty-three percent of them cited it as
having the biggest impact on competitiveness. Companies like Apple and
Microsoft are all successful companies because of innovations. With an
effective idea management platform, various feedback mechanisms can help
encourage idea generation and introduce a right idea, at the right
time, in the right market. For a business to overcome competition and
grow and develop rapidly, it is highly imperative to innovate rapidly
and incessantly.

Singapore Mobile Commerce Industry Outlook To 2016 Evolution In Mobile Shopping

The report includes the market segments such as mobile applications and mobile payments with a detailed analysis of total industry size in terms of revenue, total number of subscribers undertaking m-Commerce transactions with their future projections and the latest trends and developments in the industry. The report also entails an analysis of all the major players in the market.
The total number of subscribers undertaking the Mobile Commerce transactions in Singapore is ~ for the year 2011.Singapore offers the brightest future in this market because of its high mobile penetration rate, an efficient regulatory system and sound financial support from government. Mobile Commerce market size has increased from USD ~ million in 2009 to USD ~ million in 2011 at a CAGR of 574.6%. Consumer spending via mobile devices rose from USD ~ in 2010 to USD ~ in 2011.

The number of mobile shoppers had constituted ~ of all online shoppers in 2011, as compared to ~ in 2010. The people in Singapore spent USD ~ million using Smartphone in 2011, almost three-quarters of the total M-Commerce market as compared to USD ~ million through tablets. Consumers spent USD ~ million on applications and USD ~ million on Movie tickets via their tablet devices.
The Singapore Mobile payment market has showcased a splendid growth in the past year from USD ~ thousand in 2010 to USD ~ thousand in 2011. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 53.1% from 2012 to 2016. The average spending of an individual on mobile shopping is expected to increase from USD ~ in 2012 to USD ~ in 2016. People are expected to prefer mobile shopping over online shopping in future. Singapore witnessed a decline of ~ in online shopping in past year.

Singapore mobile application market size in terms of revenue grew from USD ~ million in 2009 to USD ~ million in 2011 at a CAGR of 633.3%. The report also includes the mobile applications market segmentation into games, ringtones, learning applications, kids applications with their contribution on the basis of revenue. Games constitute the maximum share with USD ~ million revenue followed by ringtones, learning applications and kids applications. The industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 91% in future.
Singapore customers in the age of 18 to 44 years prefer their mobile devices over personal computers as their primary internet platform because of the comfort and simplicity that mobile devices ensure nowadays. Mobile commerce industry has shown significant growth due to factors such as high smartphone penetration and mounting number of 3G subscribers.
The report entails a detailed SWOT analysis of the industry highlighting the key strengths and threats. A thorough scenario

analysis of the countrys mobile commerce industry explains the future projections under three different circumstances.
Key Topics Covered in the Report:
Market size of Singapore Mobile commerce industry
Market segmentation on the basis of category such as fashion and accessories, books, movie tickets and mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets along with their market share.
Detailed analysis of mobile payment market in Singapore with its market share and future projections Mobile application market size in terms of revenue in USD million Market segmentation on the basis of games, ringtones, learning applications and kids applications Cause and effect table relationship between various factors affecting the m- payment and m-application market.
Growth drivers for m-commerce, m-payments and m-applications market of Singapore Analysis of major players in these sectors with their company profiles in detail The historical and the projected trends in the macro-economic indicators, which had an impact on the Singapore mobile commerce market

For more information on the industry research report please refer to the below mentioned link:

Business Strategy – Barriers to Entry

Starting a new business? Introducing a new product or service to your current business? Before embarking on either, strategic consideration should be given to potential barriers of entry to the market – and how you will position yourself and develop a competitive strategy to overcome them. Porter’s 5 forces model of industry analysis is an excellent tool that could help you decide on strategy and ascertain whether your business may achieve success and profitability in a particular industry. >

Potential barriers to entry to be considered include:
Capital Expenditure
Brand Loyalty
Cost Advantages

Capital Expenditure can scupper businesses before they even start. Do you have the capital necessary to penetrate your industry of choice? The size and scope of your business will play its part here. How much will it cost in start up expenses, e.g. equipment, premises, distribution, etc.? If you are entering a low barrier industry, such as setting up an after-school activity, capital expenditure will be minimal. Setting up a bus company on the other hand, would be considered a high barrier to entry as a great deal of capital expenditure will be required to buy buses, employ drivers, mechanics and other staff members, the cost of buying an operating licence, and so forth.

Brand Loyalty can make it very difficult to penetrate established industries even if you consider your product or service to be superior to that already offered in the market. However, customers can be extremely loyal to their favourite brand. They may need a great deal of persuasion to even try your product never mind abandon their favourite tried and trusted one. Marketing costs could prove expensive!

Cost Advantages of large businesses can help sustain their competitive advantage in the industry. Capable of mass production and/or providing services to a huge client base,they can easily undercut new businesses by lowering their prices, thus effectively thwarting potential new entries to the industry. New businesses are deterred because they have little hope of being profitable trying to match or beat these lower prices. Could you afford to enter into a price war with the bigger players? Remember, they will in all probability have the resources and the capacity to absorb any short term losses they might incur until you can no longer compete.

When considering your business potential and strategy, bear in mind that -Barriers to Entry’ is just one of Porter’s 5 forces of industry analysis and should not be considered in isolation from the others: competitive rivalry, supplier power, buyer power, and threat of substitutes.

The Reasons of Initiating Reform And Innovation

In 2008 year the financial storm changed the situation of
international sports trademark in the Chinese mainland bazaar. It was
said by the Bao Cheng Group Annual Report 2009 that pattern that Nike,
Adidas was prevailing in mainly market, which was shaped in Chinese
sports requisite field for many years, was altering and the continent’s
trademark was increasing. In this context, Nike, Adidas must seek more
fine and deep sales in domestic market channels. At this time, Bao Cheng
group took advantage of an opportunity to create a new brand in
domestic sales market-Bao Yuan shoemaker. In 2009, Cai Qi ,who is the
managing director of Bao Cheng International Group and the president of
Yu Yuan Industrial Group, announced the Bao Cheng group would take the
long-term strategy of diversified management to change a single foundry
pattern and they would start a company with the concept of Bao Yuan
shoemaker to sell their own products.

Cai Qiongwen told reporters that the products of
BaoYuan shoemaker included both famous sports brand such as Nike,
Reebok, Lining that manufactured by Bao Cheng Group and its own brand
name, such as movement life footwear brand FOOT SPORTS, fashion female
shoes brand RYEE, etc.

It is the true origin for Bao Cheng Group
to create its private trademark of native sale. The added value of the
products under its own brand name is much higher than OEM, and its gross
margin is higher than OEM many times.

However, the action that
Bao Cheng Group intends to create their own brand is just a big fear of
sporting goods field. The risk will be very high to develop their own
brands. If Bao Cheng evolves its private trademark, the primary problem
is that how to keep the fellowship with brand firms. The world famous
brand all put the whole confidential design to share with Bao Cheng
without reservation. If Bao Cheng creates its own brand name, the brand
will probably be the enemy of brand firms, and may be the number one
enemy, and thus brand relations of cooperation can not keep going.

Then how Bao Yuan shoemaker step over the business dangerous line between a trademark customers and foundry business?

on the industry professors, the Bao Yuan shoemaker and Sheng Dao
biggest distinctiveness is that Sheng Dao is a single-product stores,
and the Po shoemaker is the number of international brands and brand
integration multi-brand stores. So the agency and international brands
under its own brand name not only don’t conflict but also can be
complementary to each other.

Transnational trademark and private
trademark have different characters. There is no competition, instead
they meet a family of consumer one-stop needs through various product
lines combination and achieve win-win way. After a joint cooperation
with transnational trademarks such as Nike, Adidas, and doing a market
survey deeply, the first flagship store of the Bao Yuan shoemaker
started in Shanxing Town in Zhongshan City on the summer in 2010.