Augmented Reality And The Tourism Industry

Augmented Reality (AR) allows recorded and animated images to blend and be viewed in real time. Most of the past augmented reality apps mainly focused on entertainment, such as the Lego Kiosks, futuristic baseball cards and even a virtual tour of the starship Enterprise. More recent apps however, have shifted their focus: providing travelers with useful information and answers to their possible questions.

What does augmented reality mean for tourism?
Augmented reality apps comprise different layers, such as museums, historic sites, dining and real estate to name but a few. The tourism layer, however, is the one most commonly used. This makes sense since tourists need information which will make their travelling experience easier, more informed and more secure, allowing travelers to experience the destination before they arrive.

A few examples of how augmented reality was used in tourism
TripAdvisor launched their Augmented Reality Tours app for iPad this month, using images from Google Street View to create a virtual walk through various destinations. This app might not be as advanced as apps by Layar, Lonely Planet or mTrip, but is still more useful and fun to use than 2D maps.

The Beijing Institute of Technology created a virtual reconstruction of Yuanmingyuan, a local historic site destroyed in 1860 during the Opium War, by using various paintings and sketches. They built a coin-operated viewing platform which tourists can use to see what Yuanmingyuan used to look like.

The Cluny Abbey Museum in France has a giant augmented reality screen, a window to the past if you will, allowing users to travel back in time and view a pre-destruction example of the Abbey. GraffitiGeo launched the first ever augmented reality restaurant recommendations app. Just point your phone towards a restaurant and see immediate reviews.

There are a lot of augmented reality apps, too many to mention in only one blog. Did I miss your favourite? Please share it with us in the comments.

A Good Anger Management Class Should Teach You How to Use the F-Bomb!

The F-bomb is an important part of an anger management class? Isn’t that what got you in trouble in the first place?

Using the F-bomb that you are thinking of comes easy to most of us who struggle with anger. But there is another kind of F-bomb that most of us have a much harder time using – forgiveness.
When I first raise that idea with most people in my anger management classes, they look at me like I’m out of my f-bombing mind. But thats because most people misunderstand the purpose of forgiveness, thinking that it shows weakness or that you have to forget what happened that made you angry in the first place.

Forgiveness is just about acknowledging that someone did something wrong to you and that you deserve better. Its also about setting you free from all the stress you carry around with you by holding all those grudges.

“How’s that?” you might ask. Well, many of us think of anger as a way of keeping the one who did them wrong in a kind of emotional prison. As long as they hold onto the anger and bitterness, the other person stays in jail. But when you really stop and think about it, the only one who is really in an emotional prison is you. Usually the person you are angry with is either unaware, doesnt care or simply dont give it as much thought as you. In the meantime, you’re obsessing yourself into a nice steady simmer over what was done to you. The person who angered you is on vacation and you are the one in prison! Your anger management problem ends up affecting you more than the one who hurt you. Is it just me or is there something wrong with this picture?

An anger management class should help you to understand that forgiveness is the key to unlocking the prison door. There is not some automatic “click” that sets you free. You must choose to walk out of that cell. Some have lived with the label of “angry victim” for so long that its become part of them. Theyd rather live in the cell because at least they know what to expect there. Forgiveness frees you from all that pent up anger. Its one of the strongest cures an anger management class can offer.

Your Career Choice Pros And Cons Of Being A Paleontologist

Robert Bakker, Rinchen Barsbold, Kenneth Carpenter, Thomas Holtz…

If these names are familiar to you, then this article should be more than interesting and helpful. All of them demonstrated successful achievements in the same sphere; the sphere that you want to choose as your major occupation; the sphere where scientists spend much of their time to study all forms of life during different periods by means of evaluating and analyzing fossils. It is all about paleontology.

Nowadays people like to choose not ordinary occupations in order to get more chances to find good jobs, earn good money, and provide themselves with good future. If you still have some doubts about your career in paleontology, the following pros and cons should help you make a choice.


1.A paleontologist gets an access to different kinds of work from real outside experiments to simple work in office;

2.A variety of work provides paleontologists with a chance to get high salary;

3.There are many types of paleontologists, this is why they have always chances to choose another work, try themselves at different occupations, and enlarge their levels of knowledge;

4.The work of paleontologist aims at studying human life and discovering its main secrets.


1.A lot of education is usually required for people who want to become paleontologist;

2.It is necessary to have appropriate practice before start working;

3.It is important to know how to work in a group of people and how to work independently;

4.The sphere of paleontology requires research, knowledge, and practice, this is why scientists should study new material almost always.

So, if you have time, you are welcome to evaluate the perspectives of the chosen profession and your own chances to achieve success in paleontology. Do not hurry up to make fast decisions. Be sure of your choice and your skills!

Is Direct To Garment Worth The Investment

In these economic times it is even more important to make prudent investments. Over the past 6 years the direct to garment industry has exploded and with it screen printers, embroiders, and entrepreneurs have asked is Direct to Garment worth the investment? And the answer is it depends. Like most investments it is not ideally suited for every investor. Most see it as a shiny new toy and are taken by its technology. This may be all well and good but that shinny new investment may be nothing more than 200lb paper weight if not utilized. Before we consider which model or manufacturer might be right for you lets first consider if you should even be looking at one.

Most Direct to Garment Printers are not designed to print large volume jobs. A print on a dark colored garment will take most Direct to Garment Printers 2-10 minutes to produce depending on printer speed and image size. This does not include pretreatment or heat pressing. You can probable count on doing between 6-15 dark colored garments per hour. This is not a lot when you consider a manual screen printer could do a similar job and produce between 30-60 per hour and an automatic printer could produce upwards of 300 shirts per hour. So if you are doing larger jobs on average then screen printing may be a better investment. Also, screen printing is better for special effects printing such as high density, glow in the dark, puff, special bases, glitters, and shimmers. With Direct to Garment you are dealing with usually five colors (white, black, cyan, magenta, and yellow). The white is used to underbase and the other colors are used to render a process image. This is the good and the bad. The image comes out just like the image on your home ink jet printer. However, you can’t hit some colors because they are beyond the color gamut of process printing. So make sure your clients are not incredibly picky about getting exact Pantone matches. If they are picky then you may not be able to satisfy them.

So if it is so limited then why would you invest in one. You should invest in one if you have the right type of market for one. If you are printing smaller runs that include multiple colors you may be ideal for this type of equipment. Screen Printers have a larger set-up cost and smaller runs are not as advantageous for them. A 5 or 10 shirt run is going to cost them the same as 100 or 200 shirt run to set-up. Also, a Direct to Garment machine costs virtually the same to run whether it is a one color or four color job. Screen Printers have to compensate for more colors as each color will add time to the run. Smaller run reprints are also cost effective on a Direct to Garment Machine.

The other part of the equation is you need to have a business plan for what you are doing. Too many companies and individuals enter the Direct to Garment business without an understanding of their own customers. Customer base is a large factor in whether or not it is worth investing in a Direct to Garment Machine. If you don’t know who your customers are then you need to create a business plan and envision exactly who your customers are and how they are going to get to you. If you are unsure then you might want to invest in a heat press and do transfers to start with. It will be more cost effective in the short term. If you know that you are going to do smaller runs with photo quality images than Direct to Garment may be right for you.

The other part of the equation is that people under estimate how they are going to get customers. In order to make your investment pay off you need a plan to get customers. Direct to Garment Machines are expensive 12 to 250 thousand dollars. Most run in the range of 15-25 thousand dollars. A manual Screen Printing set-up is around 8-16 thousand dollars and a Sublimation set-up is 2-5 thousand dollars. So if you are going to go with a Direct to Garment set-up make sure this is your market or you will be spending unnecessary funds.

The other thing to consider about Direct to Garment is how comfortable you are with technology and fixing things. The reason I say this is because you will better off having a graphics background. Familiarity with Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator will increase your likelihood of success. It will also make it easier to understand the RIP and any other graphic software that may come with the machine. Some of the people that have struggled with the Direct to Garment Technology have struggled on the software side. I bring up being comfortable with fixing things is because if you are handy it will help you avoid expensive service calls. Which brings up one of the big reasons people give for giving up on Direct to Garment ‘ mechanical trouble with the machines. Now there are definitely some machines that are more problematic then others but that doesn’t excuse you from taking care of your investment. Some machines require a lot of maintenance others just some but they all do require some preventative maintenance. Understanding this is one the keys to being successful in Direct to Garment. Another thing to consider is environment. Keeping a clean environment with the proper humidity is essential. When we began dealing with Direct to Garment machines we used to have to replace print heads every 2-3 months. Once we added a humidifier to our room to keep the proper humidity we never lost another print head. It was night and day and the prints came out better and more vibrant with a properly maintained print head. So make sure wherever you are putting your Direct to Garment Machine you have the proper environment.

So if you are going into the Direct to Garment market please make sure you have your business plan ready. Make sure you have the right customers and you know how you are going to reach them. Also, make sure you have the right environment and you feel comfortable with the technology. Direct to Garment is worth the investment for those with the right business plan.

The Significance of Payment Card Industry compliance

Today, it is critical for all businesses to be in compliance with PCI security standards and guidelines, not just in the name of good business, but to protect consumers and avoid significant consequences. Almost every organization that deals with card payments must ensure that it is following the PCI standard for ensuring with the Payment Card Industry compliance. If you go through the current PCI requirements, there are many areas calling for documented PCI policies for a wide variety of I.T. resources that relating to the cardholder data environment. By working with a PCI compliance service provider you can ensure that cardholder account data being processed across your technical environment is protected and thus minimizes the risk to your business. Verifying and authenticating consumer identities before proceeding with a transaction can protect your payment systems from unauthorized access and prevent losses incurred through fraudulent transactions. Consultants in the Payment Card Industry compliance are currently charging organizations high fees for developing PCI policy documentation for purposes of compliance, which is beginning to become a threatening issue for many businesses. To show your compliance as a business, you must possess a secure collection of customer data that is tamper-proof and ready for analysis.

The main benefits of keeping your business PCI compliant is improving organizational security so that you can rest assured that cardholders information is safe from harm. This will help build up your customer base and your overall brand image will be positive, showing your company as a responsible and productive member in the market. Business partners and investors will become confident in your capabilities as a company.

There can be long-term implications because of a non PCI compliant and ultimately a breach in security, like losing your reputation and customer loyalty. The solution is to find a reputable vendor selling PCI policy templates one can use. NSAP IT is the leading provider of on-demand and subscription-based information security and payment card industry compliance management solutions to businesses and government entities throughout the world. Dedicated to building long-term relationships NSAP (IT) put its clients in an excellent position to validate compliance with the PCI DSS and other regulatory standards.

Building a Successful Brand With a Continuous Innovation Cycle

Innovation is the key to brand success but, it is not limited
to the functional benefits of the brand. A brand that sets the trend
rather than reacting to them is likely to be seen as different and more
popular. What is it about Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Starbucks, Disney, and
McDonald’s that they are a huge success? What makes a consumer buy one
product over another? They have all experienced uncommon success based
on innovation. Building a good brand is more than just creating a logo,
tagline and using a specific color scheme to put on your company’s
packaging, bags and letterheads. Successful branding is more about
building trusting relationships and emotional connections with your

Enterprises usually tend to promise the best service
or the lowest price, but that’s not enough, because everybody makes
those promises. To make a successful brand, constant innovation is
vital. Brands are among the most important assets that a business can
own, and strong brands can ensure business continuity in times of
difficulty. A brand must relevant to their customers, contemporary and
appealing at every span of time. For this, a company has to constantly

Steve Jobs once told a group of employees, “People with
passion can change the world for the better.” To Steve Jobs, people who
buy Apple products are not “consumers.” They are people with hopes,
dreams and ambitions. He builds products to help people achieve their

Innovation, very simply put, is a new way of doing things
that result in positive change. Innovation can become an inherent part
of your brand when you think differently about addressing your business
challenges, to beat the competition and stay successful. Branded
innovation is actually incremental and is developed in response to
market opportunities-as people moved from cassette to CD, the Sony
Walkman became the Sony Discman. Kellogg’s launched Nutrigrain to bring
us breakfast in a bar.

company must innovate to steer ahead of the competition and in the
process build a successful brand. Sony has demonstrated an ability to
capture the imagination and enhance people’s lives. It built a
successful brand with continuous innovations. The company has been at
the cutting edge of technology for more than 50 years, and has
positively impacted the way we live. Sony innovations have become part
of mainstream culture, it continues to fuel industry growth with the
sales of innovative Sony products, as well as with the company’s
convergence strategy. Sony has moved with the times and introduced
products like VAIO notebooks that raised the bar in both form and
function; digital cameras that capture pictures on a floppy disk, and
many more.

Enterprises understand that it is important to move
from idea capture to execution of the idea, and with the help of
successful idea management services, it is easier to create a successful

Article Demon – The Best Article Marketing Tool

First a couple of obvious points about Article Demon. The interface is extremely similar to bookmarking demon, to put it differently it appears Lovely. Everything might be fully automated, from registration of accounts, confirming your email hyperlinks and posting your articles. The captchad pages may be solved with the and/or plugins. It has an inbuilt spinner that can auto spin each of one’s articles prior to submitting them towards the next directory in line. Inbuilt anti-bot module that simulates user behavior will enhance your good results charge and proxy support (rotating!) will insure that you are able to keep submitting articles even when you are banned, but since you’re submitting only high quality articles, that will not be a problem appropriate? Also, it is multi-threaded (Go through Quick). I will not bore you with other obvious particulars already existing on their sales page, but instead skip towards the stage.


Why Article Demon, why not any other article marketing submitter out there? Initial EdwinSoft are a reliable business that’s been about for many years. All of their goods have lifetime free updates. But probably the most important characteristic that has produced my decision easy is the capacity to add your own directories. If everyone uses the exact same integrated directories which are heavily spammed and you’ve got a chance to add your personal refreshing list, you will have an edge over every other article marketeer.

Apart from the major -not templated- top quality directories for example, and about 20 other leading article directories, Article Demon currently supports five various platforms exactly where we’re ready to post our articles. They are Article MS, Article Pleasant, Article Dashboard, Article Seaside and WordPress Articles. Article Demon has an stylish automated module to method your harvested article directory hyperlinks. Just import (copy/paste) it in the module and Article Demon will recognize, organize and retailer your new article directories.

As quickly as I purchased Article Demon I’ve place my ninja scraping skills to make use of. I looked for a few apparent footprints that all the supported directory scripts make. I started my serp harvester to receive new article directories. Right here would be the footprints so you can make use of them:

* Article Seashore


-Articles with any spelling or grammar errors will probably be deleted-

-upload your articles and keep updated about new articles.-

* WordPress Articles

-If you have hired a ghost author, you agree which you have-

-Publish your article in RSS format for other web sites to syndicate-

-Do not submit articles stuffed with spelling mistakes and bad grammar-

-Using Article Directory plugin-

-There are * printed articles and * registered authors-

-RSS Articles- -RSS comments- -Recent Articles-

* Article MS

-Powered by ArticleMS-

-You don’t have permission to comment. Should you log in, you could have the ability to comment.-

* Article Dashboard

-By publishing info packed articles, you’ll soon enjoy-

-Use the articles within our directory in your website to present your visitors-

-Member Login to Submit Article-



* Article Pleasant

-Powered By : Article Friendly-


The end end result following importing the urls to Article Demon is 784 directories, waiting to nurture on their own with our articles. To ease our registration process even additional, I’ve used fake title generator to rapidly generate a pen name with all other personal data like deal with, phone amount, metropolis along with other similar forms that a few of the article directories require.

The registration procedure went splendid. Out of 784 directories I was in a position to register in 728, plus extra 5 when I retried the failed ones, uplifting the number to 733. That’s a 93.6% success fee! You do not get to see that typically when making use of mass automation tools.


These days will be the day that Article Demon was introduced so we can expect some setbacks, and you will find. I’ve gathered thousands of urls from your supported directory scripts and imported them into Article Demon. The consequence was MY Own fresh list, nonetheless Article Demon failed to understand several real article directories. So the guys from edwinsoft will must concentrate on fixing their recognition pattern and decrease the amount of failed directory entries. And that’s what will most likely occur throughout these coming days and weeks. We can anticipate a lot of these little updates that can eventually make this the #1 article submitter.


1st issue that I want will be the above mentioned far better dealing with and recognition of article directories. Yes, we by now have several, but WE WANT Much more! Yet another large priority want would be to get plugins also for other directories like Article Script, NextAge Tech, Subrion CMS & Inoutscripts. Now THAT could be powerfull!


Should you do not own an article submission application but, you should definitely get yourself Article Demon. If you previously have one, you ought to also get it, due to the fact why else would you still be reading this review, if not for the far better features of Article Demon more than your previous article submitter? 😉

UNLESS you’ve got Article Marketing Robot, simply because only this one really poses serious competition for Article Demon, with one huge setback that will be the inability to import your personal directories. And if you are a hardcore article marketeer you should possibly have both anyway.

Buy Article Demon with me and I’ll throw in a very freshly scraped article directory listing (2600+ ATM), so you are able to get began as quickly as feasible, without scraping your personal. Basically contact me, stating your first identify, time of purchase, payment strategy and receipt number to confirm your purchase and I’ll forward you the directory listing.

E-bidding The New Global Business Trend

Internet technology has become an intrinsic part of business enterprises across the world. Traditional business models have been replaced by online business proceedings with its high-tech tools and features. The rise of internet technology happened as business owners realized the potential of the Internet in enhancing the speed, efficiency and accuracy of their business operations and how they facilitate smooth and flawless business proceedings.

One such promising new-age business trend is E-Bidding. With more and more e-commerce websites getting deployed on the World Wide Web, the concept of e-bidding in soaring high.

What is E-Bidding?
E-bidding, also known as online bidding and e-auctions is a rising trend in the corporate circles across the globe. E-bidding is the concept wherein an online marketplace or website allows buyers to post their requirements in real time bidding events and potential suppliers and service providers can compete to sell their products or services to the buyer.

E-biddings are especially beneficial in scenarios where clients have accurately specified requirements and need the best and cost effective services to satiate them. Apart from the cost factor, clients can also consider the timeliness and quality of deliverables as a deciding factor to choose service providers and product suppliers.

E-bidding is a highly popular trend and is being used by several industries to buy and sell products and professional services at profitable rates and further profitable business endeavors.

The Process of E-Bidding
E-bidding revolves around the concept of sale and purchase of products and services online at profitable prices. Buyers generally post their requirements in online marketplaces and B2B websites and place Request for Bids. Potential suppliers and service providers can view these posts and submit competitive Bids for the same. In turn, buyers can review the bids and select one that is most cost effective. However, money is not the only criteria in selecting the vendor. Rather, buyers can browse through portfolios of potential vendors, trace their experience and expertise of the industry and then select the one that best qualifies for their requirements.

Business Advantages of E-Bidding
E-bidding offers a plethora of advantages to businesses and industries. It allows businesses to procure quality and cost effective services for their processes and thus helps them expand their profit margins. Likewise, suppliers and service providers can offer their products and services at best rates and reap benefits as well.

Here are some valuable business advantages of bidding online.

Access to Large Databases
B2B websites generally contain extensive databases of buyers and service providers. This increases and widens the network of the companies and individuals who register themselves on the website and connects them to a large pool of industry audiences. While buyers can browse through the database to find suitable service providers for their projects, service providers, in turn can apply to several posted projects and acquire new leads for their businesses.

Access to Worldwide Business Leads
E-bidding brings together buyers and service providers from all over the world. All the members of a B2B website have access to a worldwide audience. This means they can transgress geographical boundaries and time zone differences to hire professional services of offshore service providers and suppliers.

Access to Worldwide Business Leads
E-bidding brings together buyers and service providers from all over the world. All the members of a B2B website thus have access to a worldwide audience. This means buyers can transgress geographical boundaries and overcome time zone differences to hire professional services from offshore service providers and suppliers.

Comparison of Biddings
E-biddings allow buyers to monitor biddings and compare the different bids that are submitted. After they have reviewed all the bids, they can evaluate potential service providers and choose the best out of the lot.

Established Credibility
E-biddings is a critical procedure on trusted and established B2B websites. So all the members of the database are reliable and trust-worthy. This is because, these websites validate the identity of all the registered members and thoroughly check the details specified by them. This enhances the sanctity of online business proceedings.

Reduced Paperwork
Since all the proceedings are done online and all the information is stored electronically, there are no hassles about paperwork. The information can be easily and steadily processed and put to further use. Unlike scrapes of paper that needs to be reviewed manually, online data can be processed electronically by automated programs and softwares. Moreover, there is no additional costs regarding postage, photocopying and so on.

Time Savings
Because of online processing of information and other operations, e-bidding saves businesses a great deal of time and effort. Unlike tender systems, one doesn’t have to individually sort through applications to choose the right service provider and even the suppliers don’t have to send out forms and applications. E-bidding makes it easier to submit and review forms easily over the internet.

Secure Bidding Environment
E-commerce websites have strict security measures and privacy policies that ensures the safety of your data. Moreover, you can also be sure that all your cash transactions would be processed safely and securely.

Standardized Procurement Process
B2B websites allow buyers to specify the desired qualifications of vendors and service providers that they wish to seek. Thus, buyers can define parameters such as number of years of experience, type of expertise, ISO certifications and so on. And only service providers that fulfill these specified pre-conditions can apply or bid for the posted project. This highly standardizes the procurement process and delivers only relevant options to the client.

E-bidding helps obtain not just cost-effective services but also the ones that offer best value. It should be used as a strategic procurement tool by businesses to acquire valuable services for themselves and widen their profit margins.

Disclaimer : Sabra Easterday is the owner and founder of MatchB2B. Sabra is also a lawyer with a special interest in business issues and e-marketplaces. Notwithstanding that Sabra Easterday is a lawyer, nothing in this article and no services of MatchB2B or its website are legal services and no attorney-client relationship exists between any reader of this article or user, customer or potential customer of MatchB2B, and MatchB2B, its website or Sabra Easterday.

Robotics As An Emerging Career Option

Planning your career should ideally depend on your interests. If you like to build new things and fiddle around with electronic gadgets then consider robotics as a career option. Robotics is an ever expanding industry which is expected to witness rapid growth strides in the future.

Application of Robots in Different Fields

Robots have replaced humans in many operations which are repetitive and do not require human intervention, for instance in welding, painting, surveillance, and pick-and-place assembly. They are also used for performing tasks in space and under water exploration. Robots are indispensable in several hazardous military operations, including the handling of munitions, for transporting explosive weapons and operating in highly radioactive environments. They are used in conjunction with other manufacturing equipment for the production or testing of critical hardware.

Check out Robotics as a Career

If working with computers and mechanics sounds interesting and if you have science and math skills, then pursuing a career in Robotics might be just right for you. Robotics engineers design and maintain robots, and develop applications for them. Those contemplating a Robotics career must however possess the essential attributes of extreme attention to detail and a vivid imagination. They must have the ability to visualize and anticipate the future application of robots and work towards designing such robots within a team.

Robotics Technologists can use their skills to assemble, program, troubleshoot, coordinate and design robots for use in industrial and light manufacturing.

Robots will have a major role to play in simplifying processes in the future. This will lead to requirement of skilled people who can design, build, market and repair all these robots and robotic machines.
Thus there is a lot more to robotics than entertainment or a hobby. Robotics is an arena where more and more graduates are establishing lucrative careers.

Opportunities Ahead..

Geminiedu, based in Pune, India, is an institute that nurtures students with a strong base in robotics. Gemini conducts customizable workshops and seminars in Robotics and Embedded Technology. The programs offered by Gemini are delivered in a variety of formats that can be customized for educational establishments. Gemini not only encourages students to utilize their creativity to explore future technology trends, but also provides them hands-on experience of designing intelligent systems.

If Robotics is the way you want to go then visit or email us at [emailprotected] You can also call us on 9890393185 for more details.

Investment Diversification with Real Estate

This year, investment in the stock market is making many downright jittery. Though overall the stock market does seem to be hovering around the 10,000 mark, many investors are plagued with uncertainty about short and long term investments in the stock market. Will stocks go up or down this week? Is now to time to keep money in the market? Or take money out of the stock market?

As a real estate professional, I always advise people to continue to invest in property. With so many bank owned properties flooding many different markets, real estate investors are actively purchasing homes and investment properties and obtaining some great deals right now.

John Starke, an Investment Advisor and Financial Principle with American Beacon Partners, says that many investors have grown tired of the risk involved in purchasing equities, mutual funds, and other types of investments. Prior to the sharp downturn in the market in 2008, investors goals were to accrue money through appreciation. “Rather than nervously watch their portfolios go up and down, investors want a more stable income,” noted Starke. He sees a rise in interest in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Tax Free and Corporate Bonds, and even some Corporate CDs. “Many investors are pulling their money from equities and mutual funds and opting for investments that pay a decent, regular return on their money,” said Starke.

In my everyday real estate transactions, I see investors pulling large sums of money from the stock market and putting it into the purchase of homes and properties in Virginia. I have taken the time to ask real estate investors their opinion about stock market investments. Many have decided that the stock market is not for them right now. One investor, J. D., purchased a property in King William County, Virginia that was in foreclosure for $90,000. She will spend approximately $4,000 to prepare the property for the rental market and be able to collect a monthly income of $1,000 from her investment. J.D. told me “I feel the time is right to start investing in real estate again. I stopped four years ago when property prices got out of hand. I intend to do even more real estate investment now.”

Another client, who plans to retire in a few years, is selling one commercial property investment in order to purchase a strip mall in the Western Virginia town where he plans to retire. He will pay the purchase price and invest approximately $40,000 into the strip mall to prepare it for the commercial rental market. He told me, “I am tired of having a business that I have to work at everyday. I want to have an investment that will work for me as I am planning to retire in about two years.” His upcoming shift in lifestyle is motivation for his new commercial property investment. Note that hes not selling one business and putting the money into the market. This may have been the trend for a retiree five years ago but not in the new economy.

Finally, H.G. in Hampton, Virginia made a wise move with money he once had in the stock market. He purchased a condominium for $50,000, invested $2,500 in the property renovations, and is now receiving $850 per month in rental income for the unit. HG said, “I am making more of a return from my property investment than I would in the stock market, and I also receive a tax deduction to boot.”

There are of course risks in real estate investments. A tenant could default on the rental agreement, or a property could remain vacant for months on end. That is why it is imperative that real estate investors hire experienced and knowledgeable property managers to maximize their investment. All of the property investors mentioned in this article are using my property management services for their real estate investments. Other risks include unforeseen maintenance and repair issues. This is why it is important for property investors to put a portion of their profits aside to reinvest in the home, condominium or townhouse they purchase.

Where property investment is concerned, even these risks, when anticipated and well-planned for, are small compared to the uncertainty of stock investments.

Shawn Tully, Senior Editor at Large for Fortune magazine, published “2010’s Coming Stock Market Crash: 1987 all Over Again” in May 2010. He states that stocks are still overpriced. He predicts a low return on investment (or a loss) as an inevitable outcome of this scenario. Tully bolsters his opinion with these astute observations: “Here’s how I see the odds. The chances are about one in three that we suffer a huge, wrenching correction in the next year or two similar to the one in 1987. That possibility is so high because stocks are so startlingly expensive. Another high probability event is that markets go on a long sideways grind, with smaller drops along the way. What’s extremely unlikely is that the market rises substantially from current levels and stays there for any extended period.”

Experts within the financial industry may be reluctant to put forth the strong opinion that Tully articulates. Still, there is no denying that investors have undergone a major shift in perspective since the financial crisis of late 2008 culminated in a recession, took hold of the United States and spread to other countries.

People will always need a place to live. With more and more families sadly experiencing foreclosure and dislocation, renting will be their most likely option. More rental properties will be necessary to fulfill housing demands. Investors need to take a serious look at property investment in their areas, and take steps to purchase viable homes even if they are in need of some repair or upgrades.

Visit to view potential investment property listings in Virginia in Williamsburg, Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown, Richmond and Northern Neck areas such as Matthews, Northumberland and King and Queen Counties.