How To Get A Sales Job Without Sales Experience

Candidates wishing to apply for their first sales job may at first be reluctant to do so due to their perceived lack of sales experience. However there are many things in your background which you can use as evidence of your ability to win over and influence people and therefore your sales ability:

Tip # 1 – “Tailor your resume to suit the job you are applying for.”

When you apply for a job ensure that you customize the resume to suit the industry and company in question. Also make sure your resume addresses the selection criteria mentioned in the job advertisement.

Tip # 2 – “Entry level positions are a good start.”

Be willing to take an entry level position and work your way up. Employers will appreciate your willingness to start at the bottom and learn the ropes first.

Tip # 3
“Research and prepare.”

Salespeople need to be prepared when they make their sales calls to prospective customers. So you need to emulate this at the recruitment interview, i.e. treat the recruitment interview just like you would a sales call and come prepared.

Most importantly, let the interviewer know that you’ve researched their company. For example, tell the interviewer you’ve researched their web site and / or products. Indicate to the interviewer that you have developed familiarity with what they do and what they sell.

Tip # 4 – “Sell your achievements.”

Salespeople need to continually achieve so you need to prove that you are also an achiever. Think of some of your most significant achievements from work or school and be prepared to talk about these in the recruitment interview.

Tip # 5 – “Talk about your powers of persuasion.”

You may not have sales experience but you probably have managed to persuade other people to do something in the past. Think of how you have persuaded someone to do something you wanted him/her to do, and how your objectives were met. Be prepared to talk about your ability to persuade others in the recruitment interview.

Tip # 6 – “Develop an understanding of what sales is about.”

You should have some basic understanding of what sales is all about in order to land your first sales job. So develop some basic sales knowledge such as how to understand customer needs and how to present solutions to your customers.

Tip # 7 – “Persistence pays off.”

Successful sales people are persistent – they pursue a sale in the face of uncertainty despite repeated rejections. So tell the interviewer how you have in the past persisted to achieve a goal in the face of adversity. You may wish to relate how you have pursued your sales career and the steps you have undertaken to achieve that goal.