The Academy Of Business Strategy – The Need For Career Management

The idea for the Post-Graduate Certificate in Career Management Strategy (CCMS) initially came from the Academy of Business Strategy’s human resource related commercial client programmes. These were performance-related programmes that implemented processes which enabled client organizations to be more proactive about the way in which they planned, developed, implemented and managed human resource strategy with a view towards improving the return on human resource capital employed. The way in which these human resource processes achieved their goals was to enable key employees to see their own personal career development objectives as being synonymous with their employer’s corporate objectives. The result was improved performance for the client organization and improved promotion prospects for the employee. But there was another benefit which we did not anticipate. The employees in question became more proactive about the way in which they managed their own careers within the organization that they worked for. Consequently the client benefited because they tended to retain key staff for longer periods of time, more senior appointment opportunities were presented to those employees who were involved and the employees themselves were able to exceed their own career expectations. The critical success factor here was the fact that we were effectively empowering employees to obtain more control over the development and management of their own careers and many of the employees involved felt that this should subsequently constitute a separate post-graduate programme in its own right because the consequential benefit was so life-changing. So it was that the Post-Graduate Certificate and the corresponding Diploma in Career Management Strategy were born. The Certificate focuses upon career planning and development, the corresponding Diploma focuses upon career implementation and management. Only students who have graduated with the Certificate are eligible to apply to enrol upon the Diploma. As we started to focus upon the new core objective of enabling employees to be more proactive about the way in which they planned, developed, implemented and managed their own careers, without really considering the potential benefits this would have within the organizations that these employees worked for, the power of this particular programme started to emerge. The perceived disadvantage with many client programmes is that it is the organization that purchases the programme and the consequential training and processes that are implemented can be perceived as being inflicted upon the unsuspecting employees who see themselves as having no say in the matter and an already busy workload. This all changes of course once they begin to realize the personal benefits of being involved. However, the benefit of targeting the (CCMS) and (DCMS) at individuals rather than the organizations they work for, is that the individual decides for themselves to enrol upon the programme for personal career development reasons and thus the ownership and commitment from individuals is increased substantially because all of the service benefits are personal to them, regardless of the organization they work for and whether they decide to change employers during the programme. After undertaking our own research it surprised s just how few people actually had a personal career strategy plan and of those that had one very few were proactive or consistent in the way they were implementing it. The potential competitive advantage that (CCMS) and (DCMS) graduates would clearly have over their peers and work colleagues would subsequently be huge. The (CCMS) programme was established by the Academy of Business Strategy 14 years ago and it has a long established history of success. The programme itself has an 86 per cent graduation success rate and this has been sustained since the programme was first established. Interestingly enough the more income students were earning before they enrolled upon the programme, the higher their increase in annual income was after graduation. The theory behind this is the fact that those on lower salaries tend to need to allow more time to implement their new career development plans which is a reasonable assumption.

How To Pacify Irate Customers

In addition to loyal customers, theres one kind that youll definitely meet along the way irate clients.

We know for a fact that you cannot please each and everyone who happens to be in your store or who availed of your service. So to be able to provide great customer service amidst the anger and outburst, here are some suggestions to defuse the heat, address the issue, and maintain loyalty among your clients:

“The Customer is Always Right.”

Personality Type The Foundation Of Leadership And Management

Personality Type: The Foundation of Leadership and Management

by Kenneth L. Meyer
Lead People and Manage Things
The above heading is actually the title of a book written by my father on the art of leading people. Dad was a General Manager and sales trainer for the New York Life Insurance Co. Dad was one of their national leaders with a wonderfully profitable career.
I remember him quoting the above along the lines of no Kenny you cant really manage anybody, you lead them! So when he published a book of the same title I was not surprised and actually used it as a text for a class on Industrial Sales I used to teach at Eastern Michigan University in the 90s.
The line between leading people vs. managing them makes more sense and is clearer with the reference to things thrown in. You cant lead an inanimate object but you can manage them nicely; by the same token, you really cant manage a living breathing person but you can lead them by appealing to their humanity in ways they will naturally and many time instinctively respond to. We use all kinds of techniques to lead some techniques with a basis in fear and some with a basis in the more positive aspects of desire and sincerely wanting to get something done.
Personality Type
What we call personality type controls how individuals will respond to leading or managing. Each of us has a psychological function that controls, filters, informs and really directs how we take in information and then respond to that information.
There are many other aspects to how personality affects leadership and management but for this article let us view the above do we take in information and how do we reason and act upon what we take in. By looking at leadership related to personality in this way we will discover that one function that controls how we literally speak to everyone! That is important because if you are talking to me and I do not understand what you are saying how can I respond in a way that indicates you were leading or managing me, for that matter, to a profitable result?? Well I cant and neither can least not without needless mistakes, stress, problems, misfortunes, hard feelings and missed opportunities galore!!
What Are We Taught?
We are taught what managers do, how they are to do it, the why of it and the when of it and the where of it. Fine as far as it goes; but, this does not impact leadership that much.
Each individuals personality type will not respond to any of the above in a positive, profitable way, unless their instinctive nature, their personality type is being spoken to.
Managers/leaders will behave in certain ways, talk and communicate with others, build teams, create plans, administer company visions in certain ways that transcend how they were taught to do the above.
By understanding your in-born nature and the differences that may exist between you and the ones you are trying to lead/manage you can use those differences to positively motivate. How is this done?
Speak to others the way they want to be spoken to for one way. Another way would be to put workers, whenever possible, in work environments more representative of their core personality functions. Referencing the Myers-Briggs Personality approach, one would put the sensor in the sensing work environment, the intuitive in the intuitive environment, and the thinker in the thinking environment and the feeler in the feeling environment.
The end result of todays efforts at leading/managing others is that 70% of all workers are working in areas of weakness on the job. So something is not working, what we as leaders/managers were taught in school are not working as well as it could. I believe we need to become readers of those we work with and for; identifying personality similarities and differences and then valuing, nurturing, validating what we find instead of forcing those managed/let to conform to our way of doing things.
This knowledge is not difficult, there is hope, and there is encouragement. Rely upon and institute the Myers-Briggs routinely within your organization. Study the differences that exist, try to match work related tasks, natural problem solving tendencies, natural conflict management skills to the various personality types represented and you will find leadership gets more productive; the entire work environment can become much more positive; and low and behold workers actually will desire to be on the job because they like it rather than working because they have to.

Online Marketing Strategy for Successful Businesses on Web

Online marketing is growing popularity in all over the world. In fact, it has become a key strategy for successful business in many countries. Online marketing can get a success when the company website gets good visibility in different search engines. Therefore, lots of tasks are done to increase the traffic to the website. It increases the visit of potential customers to your website. The professionals specialized in online marketing strategy ensure the presence of your company website dominantly. They understand the importance and requirement of different types of business and follow right strategy for the same.

Online marketing is developed to direct the potential target to your website. Customers will visit your website and know about the products and services you are providing. They can make decision to purchase something from your website and thus, you will be benefitted. Organization of all sizes can rely on Internet marketing for their success in competing industry and generate better business result. It is important to inform that search engine optimization is golden tool for effective online market. It is used to bring targeted traffic to website. It also improves the placement of website in different search engines. The trend of this type of practice has increased since 90s – emergence of widespread World Wide Web.

If you are expecting boosted online marketing service, then you should find out a right search engine optimization services. They will utilize the tools of directory submission, press release submission, classified posting, forum posting, blog posting, etc to bring your website on the top pages of different search engines. Other effective strategies used in online marketing are email newsletter, social networking site advertisement, banner advertisement, viral marketing, cookies, etc. You should use these tools to get success of your business on the web.

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