Think Beyond The Traditional Method Of Advertising Through Promotional Items

The global market is changing at rapid pace and accordingly, business individuals are require to change their marketing strategy to make themselves and their businesses fit as per the requirement. We all know that promotional products come down under the marketing campaign of every individual. Thus, they are required to find additional aspects for the promotional items to make their brand instant hit and reach to the maximum audience. Till the date, most of the individuals distribute their promotional objects among their potential customers, but now, you must think about giving it to the random people even. This will provide your business additional benefits and you will be able to gain the place in the competitive market. The example shown below will explain you the situation and the move, you need to take, more appropriately.

A store owner in Canada was struggling with the sales. The business was the start-up, so he was also not able to put more on the advertisements. Thus, he was looking for some idea to generate the sales instantly. During those days, inter school rugby tournament was about to held in a school near his store. The craze of the tournament was high among the students and their parents. Most of the students have their residence near by the school. He decided to take advantage of the situation by launching apparel as the promotional products and distributing the same among the players of the different team.

He approached the school management to get associated with the tournament. It was proud thing for the school as someone from outside wanted to contribute in their sport function, so they agreed. He gathered the necessary information about the team and distributed the T-shirts to the players participating in the tournament. The players were excited to have the custom apparel Canada. The apparel were customized with logo and contact information of the company along with player name and team name. The parents and other students gathered to see the match were notified well about the brand till the end of the matches.

What happened next can considered as planned miracle as the store owner received huge crowd at the store and he was able to multiple his sales up to six time in comparison to the normal day sales. You see, in this situation, the store owner didn’t distribute the promotional item to the customers but then too he was able to generate the profit. This is how, you should plan your promotional products marketing campaign.

Baking Arts Management Programs In Canada

The job of pastry bakers is no longer limited to turning raw ingredients into baked treats. Instead it extends to quantity bakery production, labour cost controls, purchasing for commercial kitchen, menu planning, practices of nutrition, and human resource planning.

Traditionally, pastry bakers were expected to just bake pastries, cookies, breads, cakes and chocolates. However, times have changed. Now, the industry offers them more legitimate career options in the areas of supply management, hospitality management, human resource planning, and sanitation, hygiene and safety, marketing of baked goods, and kitchen management.

The professionals are now required to have excellent baking skills combined with strong business acumen. They should be able to work in state-of-the-art kitchens, while using the latest equipments and ensuring their smooth transition into the workforce. They are not only required to bake cakes and pastries, but are also expected to innovate and bring a new product or concept to the market.

Baking Arts Management Programs

Prospective pastry bakers in Canada are required to go through a formal and intensive training in baking arts management before entering the world of work. In fact, this is considered as the basic requirement to pursue an entry level job in the industry.

Previously pastry bakers were trained on-the-job and paid decently after several years of hard work. However, nowadays, structured post-secondary educational programs are available in Canada with the colleges of repute.

Bakery arts management programs are designed to provide students with the skills to effectively manage commercial bakery outlets. They learn to expand their knowledge of baking and produce commercial quantities of breads, muffins, cakes, pastries, pies, rolls, sweet dough and savoury. They also learn to mange product costs, labour costs, purchase and storage of materials, product marketing, hiring and managing personnel.

Program Details

Centennial College’s baking program runs for two years and offers a unique blend of classroom learning, hands-on baking lab and an individualized internship with industry partners. The program focuses on helping students develop pastry baking arts and business management skills.

The post-secondary program in baking arts covers a wide range of subjects including

– Baking and pastry arts theory and practical
– Hospitality accounting
– Sanitation, safety and hygiene
– Quantity bakery production
– Principles of food, beverage and labour cost controls
– Principles of hospitality management
– Purchasing for commercial kitchen
– Human resources management
– Marketing strategies
– Principles and practices of nutrition for culinarians
– Supervisory practices for Kitchen Manager

In addition, the program lays a strong emphasis on professional communication, report writing, mathematics for bakers, and knowledge in computers.

Benefits of Baking Programs

The graduates of baking arts programs are capable of

– Working on the latest baking equipments
– Producing baking goods in large quantities
– Managing commercial bakery outlets
– Managing materials purchase and storage
– Marketing baked products effectively
– Hiring and managing personnel at a commercial bakery
– Ensuring sanitation, safety and hygiene

They can find employment with hotels, restaurants, retail pastry outlets, bistros, resorts, camps, department stores, supermarkets, and other related businesses. The graduates can also start their own pastry establishment.

Students looking for better job prospects can also consider studying further by enrolling into advanced bakery arts program with associated universities.