Future Trends In Outdoor Digital Advertising

Thanks to the advancements and developments in our technologies, advertisers and marketers can create better advertising techniques and strategies wherein they have dozens of new opportunities and possibilities for reaching and communicating with the consumers better. Outdoor digital advertising provides advertisers with one of the most targeted and powerful ways of reaching consumers. It is able to extend the reach of TV and can serve as a middle media that drives consumers to a website or motivate mobile download, e- browsing, e- commerce and permission marketing. One of the benefits of this medium is that Digital Media such as LCD or plasma even Digital Bus Advertising are located where people shop, wait or travel wherein it can present the message to a targeted audience at a particular location and time.

Worldwide outdoor digital advertising will grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 15.2 percent from 2011 2016 thus making it the third fastest growing media around the world for the next five years. Outdoor digital advertising will be able to drive the strong growth rate for other out of home advertising, such as billboards, and advertising in general. Revenues for outdoor digital advertising is also expected to double from $2.6 billion to $5.2 billion between the year 2011 and 2016 while out of home advertising revenues will increase by 46.8 percent from $28.3 billion in 2011 to $38.6 billion by the year 2016. Outdoor digital advertising revenues are also growing fastest in Asian countries. The increase of traditional out of home advertising such as billboards can be attributed to the proliferation of new advertising surfaces on the sides of buildings as well as more sophisticate management of Subway Advertising.

Advertisers, marketers and advertising agencies can achieve their branding, merchandising and awareness goals through outdoor digital advertising. 4.2 million Digital media will be installed by 2012 and 5.2 million by 2013 and 6.3 million by 2014 in North America alone.

Outdoor digital advertising also ranked highest among consumers who considered advertising interesting and attention grabbing. 53 percent think that digital media is interesting while 63 percent think its attention grabbing. These digital displays can also be found in a broad range of venues such as shopping malls, grocery stores, gas stations, movie theaters, airports, hospitals, offices, restaurants, clubs, elevators, and transit systems. Outdoor digital advertising spending also ranked 8 among all media segments which shows how much it matters to a lot of advertisers and marketers.

Outdoor digital advertising is becoming a more powerful medium because it gets proven branding, merchandising and call to action results. Its location is also an added advantage along with its measurability. It can provide demographic targeting and better time placement plus its cheaper than other mediums. There is an ease of flight planning and purchase plus a growing inventory if networks, locations and displays – which provides better advertising opportunities. It can also be used along with other digital marketing channels and it is able to effectively capture the consumers attention. Expect the future of outdoor digital advertising to be bright and vibrant.

How To Choose A Digital Advertising Agency

Digital Advertising has broken all pace barriers and become a necessity for every business looking for growth and increase in sales. Association with a Digital Advertising Agency is also a must as the Digital Media requires a team specialized in the desired technicalities and round-the-clock monitoring. A correct assessment of the potential agencies is vital as investing in an agency ill-equipped to provide the appropriate Digital Advertising Solutions may result in a waste of time and revenue. This article provides a few points to tick while deciding on the agency best suited for your needs.

Mobile Digital Advertising

It has become the golden word now: tabs, smartphones, and even some feature phones are the new promised lands where the Digital Media is shifting to. It is imperative for a business to have an online presence optimized for the handheld devices. Agencies providing advertising in the digital media must have resources dedicated to looking after the Digital Ads in the mobiles. The Mobile Advertising Media requires specific set of skills and expertise and has specific demands. Make sure that the Digital Publishers you are considering are capable of handling the mobile media too or else your business will end up leaving out a major chunk of the target group.

Local Digital Advertising

In the case of retail businesses, though it is true that Digital Ads will be read by users across the world, it is more likely that most of the business will be done with the local consumers. Therefore, targeting them through Local Digital Advertising should be of the topmost priority. Make doubly sure that the publishers hold expertise in the nitty-gritty of Local Digital Advertising and can attract the local consumers searching for the nearest businesses straight to you.

Accurate Targeting

Every Digital Advertising Campaign involves thousands of emails that reach the inboxes but are never opened and countless cases where the ad simply ends up irritating the users. This happens in spite of brilliantly designed ads with attractive ad copies. The problem here lies with improper targeting. Top Digital Ad Publishers are known for their accuracy in targeting. Check out the facts and figures which are with the agency you are considering. If they correspond with the latest and updated figures of the market, that agency is well equipped to target accurately and ensure that your Advertising budget is not wasted in unopened or irritating ads.

Fast Implementation

Speed is one of the key elements in a market where data and techniques become outdated by the minute. Taking too long to implement a campaign will result in the employed techniques getting outdated. Look for an agency which has the means and resources to make a fast implementation of the campaign.

Tracking the Performance

The internet is a place infamous for springing surprises. Sometimes even the best conceived campaigns do not yield the desired results. We have, in fact, seen a few occasions where even some of the best in the industry blundered. It is very essential that the associated publisher has the expertise and capability to keep a real time track of the performance of the ad in terms of the views, shares, comments attracted, and the actual business being done due to it. A proper track will enable the agency to predict any undesirable affect and make the necessary changes in time.

The Digital Medium enables the users to express their opinions and provide feedbacks openly. It has increased the scope of Digital Advertising which is now, in fact, the entire process of Digital Marketing. The Best Digital Advertising Agencies form the complete bridge between the business and the consumer and plays an active role right from the point of attracting to revenue generation.